Next Level BizTech, A Telarus Podcast

This Telarus produced podcast is designed to provide that next level in education for today’s Technology Consultants, telecom agents, VARS, and MSPs. Learn how to swing outside of your weight class and grow your wallet share with today’s business technology solutions. We publish new episodes every Wednesday and bring on a special guest that is an expert in their field. You’ll hear from Telarus experts, supplier experts, and from our selling partners that have built successful business practices that pertain to the technology topic at hand.

About the Host

Josh Lupresto was born and raised in South Bend, IN, where he began his professional career in the automotive field. Upon relocating to Utah, Josh completed his bachelor’s degree in Communications and Engineering Technology and transitioned his career into a system engineer with Telecom Recovery. Within his role, Josh began working with customers and managing a production & development AWS environment.

Josh currently holds the position of SVP of sales engineering for Telarus, where he leads a growing group of 15 Pre-sales engineers & who are responsible for being the foremost technical experts in their respective areas. Josh and his team help architect and design solutions such as cloud, network, contact center, security, and unified communications, along with helping partners ask the right questions to help their customers make a digital transformation. He began as an individual contributor, but due to his expansive knowledge, has been able to scale the team to what it is today. Under his leadership, the broader team has led the industry and attained 200+ technical certifications in the last 24 months.

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