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The June 16th Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Area VP of Channel Sales, Nick Madsen, to discuss why you should be speaking with your local Broadvoice team for your UCaaS needs. The entire recording is available here.

Why Broadvoice?

Many partners love working with Broadvoice because they know Broadvoice pays some of the highest Evergreen residual commissions in the industry. Aside from that, what sets Broadvoice apart is its responsiveness. Not only do they give partners the tools they need to do their own quotes and generate their own agreements, but they also provide an entire team to each partner. Below you can see an overview of their territory map, which shows their coverage nationally.

Broadvoice is a Cloud PBX provider, and they also have a Contact Center add-on. Something a lot of people don’t know is that they also offer SIP Trunking. At the beginning of January, they took on a big task of revamping the architecture of their back-end platform. As of June 2020, they have completely moved their architecture to be a shared cluster, it is a proprietary platform, and it is geo-redundant. Instead of having a single architecture or a single cluster in a couple of different Data Centers, they have spread it out nationwide. This makes it so that if there are any issues in a specific cluster, it’ll only affect that specific pod instead of the entire network.

When it comes to Cloud PBX, they have two different seat models. This includes their traditional seat model, which is a one-to-one call path ratio. For other industries such as schools, counties, or manufacturing that have a lot of phones, they have their call path model.

Broadvoice has made its platform a standard on all seats; they provide their Broadvoice communicator software client which is their softphone application. It’s feature highlights include:

  • Desktop Calling
  • Chat & Group Chat
  • Text Messaging
  • User Presence
  • Video Presence
  • Video Calling
  • Screen Sharing

There have been some exciting changes this year, including some new integrations. The first new integration is Microsoft Teams.

Lastly, Broadvoice has also released its integration with Salesforce.

To learn more about Broadvoice, visit,