Telarus Announces the Launch of CommissionVue™ 

August 4, 2022

Telarus rolls out proprietary software that provides insights into every Partner’s commission experience with over 300+ technology solution providers.

August 4, 2022 – Sandy, UT – Telarus, the #1 Technology Solutions Brokerage (TSB), today unveiled CommissionVue™ 1.0, a new window into the world of Partner finances. The software gives Telarus’ network of over 4,000 technology advisors a stunning visual interface to interpret sales and commissions (revenue) data from their sales efforts with over 300+ technology solution providers. These interactive charts are easily customized and built for easy drill-down to obtain more detailed information and significantly accelerate the reconciliation process. CommissionVue™ was unveiled live to the Telarus technology advisor community during Telarus Partner Summit 2022, held at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah.

“Telarus is committed to removing any uncertainty from the commission experience,” said Adam Edwards, CEO of Telarus. “With so many vendors, paying in different methods, at different intervals, it is very challenging for our Partners to know if they are receiving their correct compensation for their successful sales efforts. This non-uniformity creates problems not only for them but for everyone in the commission stream. We created CommissionVue™ to solve these problems and help our commission experience staff and sales Partners. They will be able to find potential missed payments, late payments, and other anomalies. Where Variances are easily discernible, Partners can see the trouble tickets our team has already opened on their behalf, which provides transparency via a visually appealing interface, which is the core objective of this new tool.” 

CommissionVue™ offers several views that highlight a different aspect of the Partner’s business, including:

  • Sales breakdown (by supplier) 
  • Sales breakdown (by product) 
  • Orders that have yet to pay a commission 
  • Monthly commission variance 
  • Open commission inquiries/tickets 
  • Custom charting capabilities

Version 1.0 of CommissionVue™ is live in the Telarus Agent Back Office, offered exclusively to Telarus Partners. Additional training will be made available to each user upon request. 

“Commissions is an area that touches every single Partner we work with,” added Julie Dzubay, VP of Commission Experience for Telarus. “It is an area that can cause tension, stress, and even hard costs when trying to figure out if commissions have been credited and paid properly. Here at Telarus, our team’s efforts, combined with CommissionVue™, will make commissions an easy and pleasant experience for our entire Partner community. We look forward to making the Commissions Experience one of the main reasons Partners choose to put their business with us.”  

For more information about CommissionVue, please visit us at If you are interested in learning how to become a Technology Advisor powered by Telarus’ CommissionVue, please visit their website at or call the new Partner hotline at 877-346-3232 

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