TruU’s patented AI technology provides the strongest end-to-end identity verification, authentication, and continuous risk management for human and machine identities. TruU can help companies eliminate the most significant cause of data breaches -social engineering attacks, human errors, or misuse. TruU Passwordless – Eliminate passwords as a means of authentication and enable biometrics to be used for authentication T-CAT (TruU Continuous Adaptive Trust/Continuous Authentication) – Extending passwordless access, which is point in time, T-CAT provides identity, device, and environmental risk assessment at multiple points in time. T-CAT uses patented, ML and AI-Based learning systems, amalgamating biometrics, behavioral, device, and environmental signals determining true identity continuously, and in a globally privacy compliant manner. TruU Converged – TruU merges the digital and physical world by enabling trusted physical access to buildings, server rooms, restricted physical areas and all integrated within TruU Passwordless and T-CAT solutions.

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