Telarus Commitment to the Channel

June 4, 2024

Hi. I’m Adam Edwards, CEO of Telarus. We just finished our weekly Tuesday call, which is our community call. We talked together about things that are valuable to you and to your business.

The topic today started with our conversation of the role of the TSD.

ScanSource announced that they would create NewCo, a separate entity to purchase advisors.

A lot of questions resulted because of this conversation and people wanted to know what our stance was as Telarus on how we view our relationship to the technology adviser. I wanna state here emphatically that our purpose has been and will continue to be the success of the adviser. The tools, solutions, and services that we build from day one has been about the advisor success, from GeoQuote, to fiber maps, SolutionVue to the new quote experience we just launched is all about the advisor’s success.

We also have services like engineering account management that we’ve put in place. And, yes, if you invite us in, we will talk to the customer with you, but only for your success and only when you invite us in. Those programs have been monumentally successful for not just us as an organization but really because they bring value to you, and that’s what we will continue to do. As we innovate solutions, services, and tools for you, you’re going to continue to see that same bright line that we draw on the sand, which is if it helps the adviser, we wanna do it.

If it doesn’t, or appears to be negative or competes with them, we want nothing to do with it. That has to do with our acquisitions. That has to do with our investments. And everywhere we perform as a TSD is about your success.

If you wanna hear the full transcript, listen to it, on Telarus University log in to your back office, we’ll be continuing to have this conversation being transparent with you, making sure that we’re building this industry together log on. Let’s do this.