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Advantix Solutions

Advantix is a global provider of mobile and telecom lifecycle management. Mobile and telecom lifecycle management encompasses the entire lifecycle of an enterprise’s telecom assets and services.

Why you need to work with Advantix:

  • Pioneer in the Industry
  • Non-Competitors / Carrier Agnostic
  • Trusted Advisor
  • No Barriers to Entry
  • Your Relationship, Our Know-how
  • Register and Protect Opportunities
  • Industry Experts
  • 100% Channel Focused

Mobile Optimization

  • Projected customer savings 25-40% with a risk-free, no-obligation wireless analysis
  • Reinvestment of customer savings into emerging telecom services
  • Contractually Guaranteed Savings


  • Reduced or eliminated time spent in administration of wireless accounts
  • Customized reporting and consulting, configurable to meet your customers’ specific requirements
  • Ongoing management to maintain optimal service, support and savings
  • Identification and elimination of billing errors and wasteful spending

Telecom Audit & Recovery

  • Project savings of up to 20%
  • Establish accurate inventory
  • Correct billing errors, realize savings
  • Elimination of unused / unnecessary service

Telecom Expense Management – TEM

  • Monitoring of monthly expenses
  • Centralized Billing Information
  • Intelligent reporting
  • Invoice Processing
  • Contract and Audit Resolution
  • Procurement and Fulfillment