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Remote Working Solutions can come in many different flavors.
Below are just a few examples of real customer needs, and how these Suppliers were able to provide solutions

Sky Data Vault

They manage all hardware, software and network components. They give you 24/7/365 service and recovery. One-call issue resolution. White glove-service from the start.

Business Need

  • With the explosive growth for remote workforce it is more important than ever to protect your mission critical data. Organizations Who Need Office 365® Backup:


  • With the explosive growth for remote workforce it is more important than ever to protect your mission critical data. Organizations Who Need Office 365® Backup:
    • Want to maintain ownership of the organizations’ data stored in Office 365®.
    • Are concerned with accidental deletion and recoverability of important data and want the ability to recover files and folders with search functionality.
    • Want to keep employee files and emails accessible and protected during remote work.
    • Understand the risk of external threats from malware, viruses, hackers, and ransomware.
    • Must meet compliance requirements for data retention and recoverability.
    • Want an easy, cost effective, per user pricing for a managed service so they can stay focused on the mission of the organization.
Quest Technology Management


With a reputation for maturity, reliability, and distinctive depth of talent, we have earned our place among the nation’s leading Technology Integrators.

Business Need

  • Maintain employee productivity while working remotely Summary/Solution: Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device – We use and rely on laptops and smartphones, but they require the access to applications that the cloud provides. 63.7% of smartphone users have at least one business app on their device.


  • We were able to install software on everyone’s computers and devices and quickly connect them to what I call “the mothership”—our servers in the cloud. That also meant launching help desk services so everyone working at home could continue to be productive. 
  • This is not one of those things that you install once and it’s good for the next five years – it needs to be consistently reviewed and maintained. Manufacturers make codes available, and it’s important to check to see if yours is current. We often do a kind of health check to ensure that the VPN is up-to-date and that all the proper controls are in place. And at the same time, we check to see that any client software is current as well. The crooks are getting smarter, and we all need to be diligent in our authentication mechanisms within our VPN. Most companies—even if they are using cloud-based email with some form of remote access—run everything back to the same Active Directory in order to authenticate, so if a bad actor gets your contact credentials on one platform, all of a sudden they have it for every platform. So, once again, multi-factor authentication is a critical security feature and should be utilized for VPN service. 
  • There’s another threat helping to create this perfect storm—many companies are in the midst of figuring out the requirements of new and upcoming data privacy laws, which often require that they keep their data inventories accurate and store their data in very secure locations.  This is much more difficult to accomplish with workers scattered across the landscape, and that can be a frightening thing for business owners and managers, because these laws have teeth. 


iland is a global cloud service provider of secure and compliant hosting for infrastructure (IaaS), disaster recovery (DRaaS), and backup as a service (BaaS).

Business Need

  • Looking to back up Office 365
  • Runs infrastructure in house, but wants cloud flexibility and scalability
  • Doesn’t have or has no confidence in ability to test current disaster recovery solution.
  • Looking to replace tapes or free up local storage


  • iland Secure CloudSM – Scalable enterprise-class Infrastructure-as-a-Service supporting the most stringent security and compliance needs
  • iland Secure DRaaSSM – Protection for your on-premise workloads, virtual and physical, as well as your systems running in the cloud
  • iland Secure Private CloudSM – Dedicated resources with the same exceptional management and functionality of our public cloud
  • iland Secure Cloud BackupSM – Back up your on-premise VMware and Hyper-V environments to a global iland cloud location


Rackspace is a multicloud solution expert. As a global cloud computing services pioneer, they deliver the innovative capabilities of the cloud to help customers build new revenue streams, increase efficiency and create incredible experiences.

Business Need

  • Need a Plan to Scale Quickly: We had planned for growth, but never at this pace. Our capacity is being overwhelmed and we are dealing with unhappy customers at risk of leaving.
  • Lack of Resources: I don’t have the team to support our current needs and recruitment of skilled expertise has always been a challenge – and right now will be logistically nearly impossible.
  • Rapid Response: I need someone who can come in and review what we need to do today, fix the major problems and get us up and running.
  • Go-Forward Plan: Assuming we can address our needs now, we need to be able to capitalize on the customers we do gain and retain them on a go forward basis. We are considering launching initiatives like free tiers to draw in new buyers and need to plan for steady growth.
  • Ongoing, Flexible Support: My team is not staffed to support our new business requirements, but I don’t know how long this need will last. I need access to additional AWS engineering resources, and I need to have flexibility to scale those up and down like I do my environment.


  • Rackspace and Onica bring deep AWS expertise to help you assess your needs and react at the pace that your market is moving in this
  • unprecedented moment. We’ll engage with an assessment focused on the critical areas you need to address to scale your environment and plan for additional growth, delivered in a detailed remediation report. From there, you can choose to engage us to implement the recommendations on a limited basis, or for our team to work side-by-side with your team in our Teams engagement to plan for continued growth.
  • Rapid-Scale Assessment: Detailed review of your current environment in regard to current load and capacity, as well as consideration of your business context as it relates to additional capacity needs.
  • Remediation Recommendations: We’ll deliver a detailed report of steps customers need to take to • Option A – Professional-Services Engagement: For customers looking to only commit to remediation, we’ll scope a professional services engagement to solve your pressing issues in a limited sprint-based delivery framework
  • Option B – Rackspace Teams: For customers with some pressing concerns, but also a need for ongoing engineering support, we can offer an initial 90-day Teams engagement to address the remediation recommendations and help you scale for continued growth.


Flexible enough for the SMB and powerful enough for the enterprise, RapidScale, a Cox Business company, is a global managed cloud services provider helping organizations increase IT productivity, improve security, and empower remote workforces.

Business Need

  • Maintain employee productivity while working remotely
  • Keep Data Secure and Accessible
  • Have a plan to deal with unexpected circumstances


  • Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device – We use and rely on laptops and smartphones, but they require the access to applications that the cloud provides. 63.7% of smartphone users have at least one business app on their device 
  • Those who were not ready this time will learn what worked and what didn’t work and be compelled to close the gaps so they are better prepared in the future. They will need a plan that’s sustainable and survivable. 
  • Business continuance is key when considering a backup or disaster recovery plan. Maintaining a level of security when you can’t get to your office, where your IT assets may reside, is also paramount. 

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