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Built For You

The Telarus App

Service Map

Let’s say you are at a lunch meeting with a client and they give you an address hoping to know what services are available. Rather than having to promise to get back to them with that information, pull out your phone or tablet, type in the address, and use the powerful visual of fiber routes, lit buildings, data centers, and servicing carriers. It’s all there.

Decision Matrices

You have several carrier options at that location and want to demonstrate your expert knowledge on-the-fly. Use our mobile version of our supplier matrices to see side-by-side comparisons of terms, package details, features, app integrations, platforms, and more. Become familiar with this tool and wow your clients with this amazing sales hack.


The app is personalized to each partner. The Supplier Contacts feature gives you immediate contact information, connecting you to the right person by the click of a button. The Telarus Contacts section connects you with your friendly and helpful resources that are at your ready.


You’ve now moved down the sales funnel and the order has been submitted with the help of our expert support team. Rather than sending emails constantly or calling to get updates on your order statuses, open your Telarus app and see which of your opportunities are still in progress, completed, canceled, and where in the process it is currently being worked on.

Circuit Monitoring Dashboard

Being a trusted advisor is easy to demonstrate to your clients when you always know the condition of their circuits. Telarus offers free circuit monitoring on all circuits sourced through Telarus and now, you can view all of your sold circuits in one spot from your smart device. The Circuit Monitoring Dashboard will alert you of any downed circuits, package delivery, and ping delays and failures.

Agent Ranking

You’ve been killing it for a while now and want to know where you stand in monthly, annual, and total sales with Telarus. You’re itching to see the fruits of your labor and what reward status that has earned you. You can check your ranking in the app and see just how close you are to reaching our Telarus President’s Club, anytime you want.