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Telarus Capital Program

Custom Financing for Every Stage of Your Business

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Selecting the Right Funding is Critical to Align with Your Goals

As a business owner, it’s essential to keep investing in sales and operations to remain competitive. Sometimes, you may need to seek external funding for these investments, but securing funding can be lengthy and time-intensive. Private investors may require a significant equity stake and impose strict return timelines, while having a say in your business management decisions. On the other hand, banks and institutional lenders may not fully understand your business, making it difficult to secure funding even after a meticulous diligence process. These options may not align with your specific goals, decisions, and timelines.

Telarus Capital Program Gives You Ultimate Flexibility in Meeting Financial Needs

We created the Telarus Capital Program to meet the financing needs of the channel that other private lenders and financial institutions cannot fulfill. The program allows you to use your sales earnings as working capital for your current and future business needs. It provides quick and flexible financing options that are tailored to your specific requirements. Unlike other borrowing options, Telarus offers solutions that align with your vision and help maintain your business autonomy and independence. We provide financing that enables you to convert a portion of your residual commissions into working capital for your business, gives you customized solutions that align with any vision for your business, and preserves your business independence, autonomy, and total equity retention without additional performance requirements.

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Non-dilutive Capital Built to Enable Your Growth

  • Independence – full autonomy, equity and control over your business
  • Immediacy – Quick access to upfront cash to meet your objectives
  • Flexibility – upfront funds to invest and continued residual cashflow that increases with growth
  • Continuity – maintain business operations and keep your team
  • Future – accelerated growth with Telarus’ best in class support teams that expand your expertise, sell new products, and help you win more!


Keep control of your business


Structures that meet your goals


Invest in your growing business


Preserve opportunity for a second capital event


Maintain traditional revenue percentages on new sales

Telarus Capital Program – Designed for Entrepreneurs at any stage

Simple Process

Skip the hassle of traditional funding. Telarus understands Tech Advisor commissions and your business model. We can evaluate your residual commissions quickly and have an offer to you within a few days

Customizable Structures

Funding that flexes to your business needs. Agile funding dialed to the exact amount your business needs with minimal paperwork and no personal guarantees.

Fast Funds

Quick access to funds you need to put to work. Cash deposited into your account within 5 days of completing your transaction

Renewing Capital

Access to more funds as your agent business scales. Replicate your success numerous times with multiple funding events.

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Working capital on your terms

  • Preserve decision making authority, retain your employees and your team
  • Grow at your pace selling your preferred products
  • Funding certainty and full consideration based on your individual business performance
  • Invest now, continue to collect evergreen residual, and reserve your rights to a future liquidity event

Funding the way it should be

Features Telarus Capital Traditional Loan
Funds deposited directly into your bank account
Fast offers based on your residual commissions
Simple hassle-free process
No personal credit checks, no interest, no personal guarantees
Integrated solution to streamline your business

Simplify your business

  • Consolidate: Single source all your telecom business needs
  • Simplify: Leverage our best-in-class support to process your orders and commissions
  • Protect: Mitigate against revenue loss potential from supplier insolvency
  • Sell: Lessen business administration responsibility and focus on revenue growth
  • Profit: Maximize your sales potential with our tools and teams and close more business
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Capital that works for you


  • Reinvest in your agency: acquire a complimentary customer base, hire salespeople, launch SEO strategy, increase marketing, or train your team to enter new vertical
  • Diversify assets: start a new business venture, invest in real estate, stocks, mutual funds, EFTs, Crypto
  • Reduce debt: Pay off expensive debt or fund college tuition
  • Lifestyle changes: take some chips off the table as you transition into retirement, buy a vacation home, play more golf, invest in a passion project
Chriss Terrell

Chris Terrell, iTac

“When I made the decision to pursue either a sale of my business or a liquidity partnership, I began to discuss these possibilities with several different well-known suitors. After the initial round of conversations, it became evident to me that Telarus understood my goals. They provided several options for consideration, both in structure and in the financials. Their flexibility and creativity convinced me that they were the best partner, and the total financial package was well above the other companies I had entertained.
The process from contract to closing was easy, and I’m thrilled to be part of the Telarus Capital program!”

Ben Humphreys

Ben Humphreys, President – Simplicity VoIP

“I was contemplating selling Comtel Communications a year before we consummated the deal with Telarus. I spoke to many organizations, individuals, and private investors throughout that year. I wanted to maximize my return while ensuring a great future for our partners. Our situation was unique because we would be sharing partners after the transaction as we continued to grow and develop Simplicity VoIP – our hosted VoIP firm. When we sold, the reality was that we would be working together for the long term, so integrity and revenue generation mattered. Telarus emerged as the best choice for that transaction. We have created a unique ecosystem post-deal, and we were accepted into the Telarus supplier program. Telarus provided a great plan with ultimate flexibility. The financial resources they brought forward for our partners were deal-changing for their businesses as well. I would highly recommend speaking with Telarus if you want to evolve your business or refocus your energies. Telarus has proven to be an excellent partner.”

Casey Roe

Casey Roe, CEO – Mid-Atlantic Communication Consultants
“My transaction went very smoothly from start to finish. Telarus presented multiple options and worked to find a framework that best met my needs. Their process was straightforward, uncomplicated, and stress-free. Telarus provided a first-class service managing the account transition from MACC and ensured specific support needs were in place for my clients. Doing this has freed me to pursue a new business venture that I have been working on for a long time. Thanks to the Telarus Capital Program, I now have the equity necessary to pursue that new opportunity. It was a fantastic transition for everyone involved. I have no regrets about doing this transaction!”

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