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The March 20th Telarus Tuesday call brought Tricia Shevlin, THINaër VP of sales along with John Morgantini, T-Mobile national channel manager to continue discussing mobility companies, and how they can help you boost your sales.  

Who is THINaër? 

THINaër is a cloud-based IoT platform that leverages the latest in Bluetooth technology to generate a new class of actionable data from the people, places, and things that drive organizations forward. Enterprise-grade, built on a robust Location Engine and available via well-documented RESTful APIs, THINaër serves up the data needed to make better business decisions and answer challenging questions never answered before. Healthcare and manufacturing are the two main verticals that are heavily invested in IoT. 

THINaër for Healthcare 

At a time where there are countless condition monitoring and medical equipment tracking solutions, THINaër offers one of the most robust and affordable equipment tracking technology platforms on the market. They are helping patient care improve by making workflows more efficient and enabling staff to spend more time providing care and less time looking for the people and things they need. In today’s world, IoT solutions are already helping improve the overall patient experience. THINaër is already solving today’s challenges faced by healthcare organizations around the world: 

  • Accurate real-time inventory management  
  • Ensuring the right assets are available at the right time 
  • Enabling better Joint Commission compliance 

THINaër for Manufacturing 

THINaër is advancing the manufacturing industry by using data and technology to provide immediate ROI. The manufacturing industry is ready for automation and IoT solutions that improve productivity, reduce downtime and provide real-time value. From IoT asset tracking to automated regulatory compliance reporting, THINaër provides solutions that use data to drive better business decisions. So, how does THINaër helps the manufacturing industry? 

  • Accurate real-time asset management using IoT 
  • Ensuring the right assets are available at the right time  
  • Enabling better regulatory compliance with automated tasks 
  • Reducing machine downtime via preventive and automated alerts & notifications  

Why THINaër? 

THINaër is the smarter, easier solution to tracking your assets and monitoring their condition. And the best part is THINaër doesn’t require huge infrastructure overhauls. Plug and play and start making better business decisions today, backed by tangible data. Here is why you should be working with THINaër: 

  • Significantly lower cost 
  • Doesn’t require infrastructure overhaul  
  • Faster and easier to deploy 
  • Easier to maintain  
  • Simpler to integrate 
  • More flexible and configurable 
  • Enables better data-driven decisions  

Earn Residual Commissions with T-Mobile! 

Mobile’s network now ranks number one in 4G LTE speed and availability by OpenSignal. Plus, their 4G LTE coverage has doubled since 2015. Did you know that T-Mobile is residual based? When you use T-Mobile, you are earning residual in three basic areas, which are all top sellers. 

  • Unlimited use phone service 
  • T-Mobile offers unlimited talk/text/data/Intl’ to all client users, not a fraction of the user base.  
  •  Wireless Business Continuity 
  • Day one and Back Up Connectivity to Cable/DSL connected sites 
  • Retail and SMB Primary/Back Up Connectivity  
  • Workforce Automation Apps for tablet solutions 
  • Job Safety, Home Health Care, Real Estate, Field Service Teams, Medical monitoring 

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