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Understanding the corporate strategies of your customers is the best way to fully sell the full depth of your portfolio to each account. Ideally, connecting with multiple division leaders allows you a peek into the entire ecosystem and give you the opportunity to solve a corporate issue.  The more strategically aligned you are within the account, the more the customer may see you as an advocate for them and purchase from you.   

Not every strategy will include connectivity, and that is where you can lean on your resources/network to help solve for out of the box type of problems.  

  • A marketing division may require connectivity at an upcoming conference.  This can be via wireline or a mobility solution.  Typically, the marketing events are quick setup/teardown, thus a mobility solution is quicker to implement.  The typical recommendation (depending on connectivity requirements and application) is a personal hotspot/MiFi type device for mobile/wireless access.  We can also do a wireless router or satellite connection. 
  • HR may want/need to create a corporate mobile/wireless plan, as well as a plan for individual liable users/employees that can take advantage of their corporate discount.  For HR, this is all about creating additional benefits for their employees.  Thus, it is essential to ask HR what types of organizational initiatives or incentives they are looking to implement.  
  • A CFO would be concerned with controlling corporate costs, which the consultant may want to focus on with an audit or telecommunication expense management (TEM) solution.  A TEM may be able to provide costs savings and ROI from an employee perspective too.   
  • The IT organization may have the responsibility of connecting the mobile workforce/road warriors back to the enterprise WAN.  IT would likely want to look at connectivity, equipment, and Mobile Device Applications that focus on accessibility and security.  Best to uncover as much as possible so that you are doing your due diligence with the customer and making your end solution as sticky/pertinent as possible to help ensure the longevity of the relationship. 

Telarus is here to help you position the right products and solutions for your customer.  Feel free to reach out and engage us at Our team is here to help you win!