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The March 5th Telarus Tuesday call brought CEO, Mike Siegler and VP of sales, Colm Armstrong to discuss their carrier agnostic premise based approach to offering network resiliency.

What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN is essentially resiliency. You’re building the capability to integrate multiple circuits into a business. Ecessa positions themselves as premise-based while other competitors are cloud-based. They have everything self-contained which means customers have complete control. The image below can show you how Ecessa can integrate nicely with an existing environment. Ecessa takes great pride in the fact that they can seamlessly integrate into any network regardless of how complicated. When you use Ecessa you don’t need to change your customer’s IP addressing schemes and you don’t need to rip and replace any of their equipment in order to integrate the Ecessa SD-WAN solution.

An important thing to remember is that Ecessa is scalable to any business, which means they can go into one or many environments.

Why Do Companies Need SD-WAN?

Switching from a traditional phone system to VoIP can be an excellent long-term strategic move for businesses. However, the lack of control over the quality and uptime of internet connections can be a significant roadblock for many decision-makers. Ecessa solutions can directly address these concerns, making customers much more comfortable with moving to a VoIP system:

  • Automatic in call-failover means calls don’t drop, even if internet lines do.
  • Line quality monitoring ensures that calls are always traversing connections that will give the best performance.
  • Prioritization rules mean voice calls aren’t negatively impacted by other traffic using bandwidth.
  • Detailed reporting can help to quickly identify problem areas for timely issue resolution.

Customers are putting a lot of business-critical application in the cloud because it provides amazing flexibility and makes it possible to adopt new technology quickly. This means that customers are reliant on a better internet connection, that’s where Ecessa can build resilience for customers so they never lose connectivity to the new cloud-based applications. Connectivity means the following to businesses:

  • Revenue loss
  • Impact to cash flow
  • Productivity loss
  • Compliance and/or reporting penalties
  • Penalties and loss of discounts
  • Impact to customers and strategic partners
  • Negative employee morale and lost employee confidence in IT
  • Damage to reputation and goodwill

Who is Ecessa?

Ecessa is a privately held company based in Minneapolis, they introduced their first appliance-based WANA link failover and load balancing technology in 2002. By 2012 they launched the WANWorX products to provide scalable, cost effective, SD-WAN functionality. Ecessa is a technology leader with over 10,000 units in the field, they have helped the IT managers at single sites, small and medium enterprises and Fortune 1000 organizations make sure their networks are never down. Why you should use Ecessa:

Every business is different; some people just need basic failover while others need mission-critical never down packet level control. Ecessa has positioned three different products to meet the needs of customers in any business and any budget.

PowerLink creates multi-homed networks of up to 25 WAN links to eliminate link congestion. Using intelligent outbound traffic management to load balance across all WAN links and DNS to load balance inbound services. It also comes with SIP Proxy, SIP Registration Server and NAT Proxy allowing SIP traffic to be load balanced among network connections for the best call quality and seamless VoIP uptime.

WANworX is a revolutionary new way for organizations with multiple locations to design, deploy and manage secure wide area networks and improve business application performance. SD-WAN solutions makes your WANs work better, makes management easier, can save you the expense of downtime from unplanned carrier outages and the hassle of quality of service issues like jitter and latency.

Ecessa Insight+ is a monitoring and ticketing service designed to take the pain out of managing your connections.

So, how do you sell SD-WAN?

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