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The May 2nd Telarus Tuesday call brought Avi Lonstein, CEO of AireSpring, to discuss how industry consolidation is affecting the telecommunications industry, what it means to agents, and how AireSpring can make a difference. The entire recording can be found here.

Why AireSpring?

AireSpring was founded in 2001. It is a debt free, privately held company with a tenured management team. The company has built a solid reputation of integrity, reliability and dependability with its channel partners, end-user customers and technology providers. What else makes AireSpring stand out?

  • 200+ employees
  • Nationwide Managed Services Provider & Network Operator
  • Currently servicing 14,000 plus businesses
  • Processing over 2.5 billion calls per month
  • Global, around the clock NOC support
  • Winner of over 70 coveted industry awards

AireSpring is 100% channel focused. While other providers are retail focused, the team at AireSpring knows that they have two customers, their agents and their retail customers. As mentioned before, they are also a privately-held company which means that they are focused on the long term, and unlike other providers they do not have investors to which they need to answer. When AireSpring was founded in 2001, they made evergreen commissions part of all contracts with their master agencies. Evergreen commissions has made it so that in every commission check has been paid on time since the very beginning.

Industry Consolidation

It is very obvious that industry consolidation is at a pretty high rate at the moment. The reality is that things constantly change in this industry. Long term investors, long term debt, and slowing growth are all reasons why a company might go through consolidation. How can AireSpring help? AireSpring acts as a buffer between all of the consolidation that is happening and their agents/customers. They work to ensure no matter what happens, your customer still receives a stable bill from one company, standardized customer support, and that all of the pain that goes on when companies merge is addressed. Making sure that their agents and customers are shielded from all the potential changes as a result of consolidations is one of their main priorities.

Cloud, Fully Managed and Connected

AireSpring delivers industry leading Managed Connectivity, and has being doing so since 2014. They pioneered the managed connectivity category bringing together all the advantages of managed voice, connectivity and cloud applications under one, single-source provider. Connectivity is now so important that it can determine the health and success of a business. AireSpring operates, manages and maintains their own advanced IP network and they have years of experience which they use to remove the risks and complexity of integrating cloud communications solutions with today’s IP networks.

Having a single provider who seamlessly integrates all network services including connectivity, routers, switches, and UC services reduces the inherent risk of using multiple providers for different services. This helps prevent the customer from being caught in the blame game between the connectivity or internet provider on one side and the UC provider on the other side. AireSpring is consistently increasing and improving their solution architect and engineering capabilities.

Broad Product Set & Multiple Providers

AireSpring offers a very broad product set which can be broken down into three different sections, Cloud & Voice Communications, Managed Network Services, and Managed IT. One thing to keep in mind is that this is a mix-and-match scenario, you can pick something from one of these sections and add something from another.

airespring with telarus master agent

AireSpring also works with various providers, who they either have network interconnections with or some sort of networking agreement. They partner with leading technology companies to leverage existing standards and functionality to deliver next-generation business communication solutions.This makes AireSpring a great choice for multi-location opportunities. See a list of their network partners here.


AireSpring has a platform called QuoteSpring which they have been building for 15 years. This platform provides instant real-time quoting, and uses real-time APIs to quote all of the providers AireSpring partners with.  Learn more about QuoteSpring:

The AireSpring Advantage

AireSpring is renowned in the industry for delivering a broad range of innovative solutions at competitive rates. They deliver industry leading Managed Connectivity and Cloud Communications solutions that are custom built for the individual needs of your business. Are you still wondering why AireSpring?

  • Award Winning Cloud Voice & Data Products. AireSpring has won over 70 coveted industry awards and continues to be one of the most awarded providers in the industry.
  • Experience and stability. They have been in business since 2011, are privately owned, debt free, profitable and process over 2.5 billion calls per month over one of the largest networks in the USA. Their unique MPLS Mesh network covers more combined location in North America than anyone else.
  • Fully Managed Network with QoS. Call quality over the public internet is beyond your control, AireSpring provides service over their fully managed, owned and operated IP network with end-to-end QoS for exceptional voice quality and reliability.
  • Eliminate finger pointing between providers. By having all services delivered via a single vendor on a fully managed network, you avoid the finger pointing that occurs when you experience network issues or when cloud communications and connectivity services are delivered by different vendors.
  • Largest available coverage. Their network has the largest combined footprint in the USA.
  • Reliable and diversified network. Their geo-redundant network provides true network diversity and supports disaster recovery options, allowing you to ensure business continuity.
  • Single point of contact (SPOC). You have one single point of contact and only one bill to worry about.
  • Free AireCare. 24/7 advanced account self-service portal.
  • Free 24/7 AireNMS WAN Network Monitoring Service.
  • Premier support package with an escalation list up to their CEO. AireSpring’s project coordinators and customer service managers provide personalized service.