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The March 6th Telarus Tuesday call brought Robert SenatoreData2Go Wireless president, along with Tommi Ellis and Natasha Coons of TeraNova to talk about how adding mobility companies to your portfolio will increase your sales and customer stickiness.  

Who is Data2Go Wireless 

Data2Go Wireless is a national, end-to-end Data Service Provider focusing on the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine to Machine (M2M) and the Wireless Network Services Markets. Data2Go has built a “Platform as a Service” (PaaS) business that provides wireless connectivity and enables customers and the Agent Channel to connect, manage and bill via a cloud-based connectivity platform. Founded in 2012 and acquired by Zirrus Group in 2014, Data2Go Wireless has been serving the wireless connectivity needs of businesses across the United States.  Their mission is to help your company meet the ever growing challenges of data connectivity.  Whether you are trying to create a highly available data network or enabling your M2M or IoT devices, Data2Go can help.  

There are three main applications that businesses need to have, and these applications will always need an internet connection. These three main applications include payment transactions, VoIP, and Cloud-based applications. You may have DSL, T1, or a Metro Ethernet connection, but your business is still not immune to outages or slow connections. Whether you’re a retail store, restaurant, or law firm, every business needs a backup internet connection. From inventory control to managing schedules to point of sale transactions, a fast, reliable, internet connection is the bloodline of any business. With DataPro2Go, you can diversify your internet technology with a backup internet connection and get access to their nationwide LTE wireless network starting at $9.95 a month. It’s fast, reliable, and delivered from the cloud. 


Data2Go Wireless has a few payment plans you can choose from when it comes to pricing. One of their plans gives you the option to pay as you go; they’re able to offer this because they built their platform. Once you purchase the hardware you can choose from one of the plans below:  


Enterprise Wireless Expense Management  

TeraNova is an award-winning enterprise mobility management company that helps clients evaluate, implement, optimize, and manage wireless solutions. They offload from IT and finance departments the labor-intensive areas of auditing, sourcing and managing mobility solutions for enterprises with 300+ wireless devices. Few stakeholders in IT and other departments have the time and resources to continually explore and evaluate the expanding universe of enterprise mobility solutions, much less manage them within their organizations. TeraNova has a deep understanding of the mobility space and acts as a virtual extension of their clients’ technology team to ensure that their wireless solutions are efficiently sourced, deployed, managed and optimized to control and lower costs. TeraNova offers the following:  

  • Audits 
    • They Audit  
    • Help you find savings  
    • They don’t force change and prevent disruption 
  • Management Software  
    • They use analytics to keeps the inventory clean and spend optimized 
    • They utilize intelligent software to provide actionable data 
    • They design policies and set budgets  
  • HelpDesk  
    • They provide monthly optimization recommendations  
    • They take swift and meaningful action 
    • They take care of trouble tickets from A to Z 

TeraNova has created a few qualifying questions you can ask your customers to help you pivot into a mobility conversation.   

  1. How are you currently managing your wireless spend to maximize cost efficiencies?  
  2. How would it benefit your organization if wireless auditors validated all current wireless carriers and plans to ensure they are properly optimized?  
  3. What are your wireless reporting needs? For example, Zero usage, top data offenders, cost allocation, etc.  
  4. How are wireless end user requests currently being managed? For example, Defective phones, overnight requests, international plan requirements, new lines, etc. 

The TeraNova Difference  

  • Experience and expertise – Their team was deploying and managing mobility solutions including IoT networks since before it was cool. Their skilled analysts and helpdesk agents offer unparalleled service and are U.S.-based, covering all time zones. 
  • Fast best-in-class audits – They perform a demo load and initial audit analysis in an industry-leading three days. And their granular, line-by-line reporting and auditing saves clients an average of 30 percent on their annual wireless spend. 
  • Speed to implementation – Once data access is secured, their MobilityCentral-based solution is up and running in less than one week. 
  • Ad-hoc reporting –  Standard and ad-hoc custom reports are created in minutes, generated in seconds and always exportable – unlike other companies that require a change request to process custom reports. 
  • Extending information to end-users – Through emails and portal access, they provide all levels of an organization with access to detailed reporting. In the portal, role-based access ensures managers only see the details for their team, department or cost center. Similarly, email summaries and notifications include only the relevant details. 
  • Unparalleled insight and recommendations – They attack wireless expense overspending on two fronts: First, they generate recommendations based on data only, providing excellent starting points for reducing costs. Second, their experts make contextual recommendations within the nuances of the business, planning for human factors that software cannot anticipate. Together, these approaches cover virtually all possible use cases and ensure maximum cost savings. 

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