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The February 12th Telarus Tuesday call brought VP of sales engineering & chief technology evangelist, Larry Cushing and SVP national channel development & channel sales, Jim Delis to discuss why TPx is a great choice when it comes to Security. The entire recording can be found here.

Security – How and Why TPx Cares

TPx is the nation’s premier Managed Services Provider, delivering unified communicationsmanaged IT and network connectivity to 55,000 customer locations across the country. They’ve continued to evolve as technologies and marketplaces began to change. TPx began to make a pivotal shift about two years ago to become a managed service organization. They have three main lines of business, these include their unified communications, SD-WAN and their Security offerings.

Two years ago TPx made a change by creating their own security operation center in St. Louis, Missouri. TPx has found that there are many features and functions in items like firewalls that people don’t activate. Technologies like web content filtering and antivirus have been built out in the next-generation firewalls but they’re often not configured properly or enabled. This means you have a product which is set to do a lot of wonderful things but sadly they are not working properly. TPx works on making sure they properly implement all of the features these devices have to offer, they also provide ongoing maintenance as part of their process. Within security there are a lot of advantages when it comes to utilizing the firewall to make sure you have control in your environment, application control means you can limit the amount of bandwidth being used. The important thing to keep in mind is that you can always buy a firewall and put in place but if it’s not properly configured, monitored, and managed then you’re not getting all of the value out of it.


What About Firewalls?

Firewall is the first line of defense in protecting your business from Internet-based threats. However, not all firewalls are created equal. For today’s ever-changing threat landscape, you need the right next gen firewall that is properly configured and installed. TPx protects your business like their own with the best-in-class firewall and manage it for a price you can afford, so you can free up resources and concentrate on making your business thrive. When talking to a customer today about the firewall they have there are a few questions you should start by asking:

  • How old is it?
  • When did you get it installed?
  • Who installed it?
  • Have they been monitoring and managing it?

There are a lot of manufactures out there, TPx does a lot of their work with the FortiGate family. So, what can TPx do?

  • Design a customized firewall solution for the customer
  • Configure and deploy Next Gen Firewall
  • Protect Systems and Data with 24/7 device and threat monitoring
  • Regular device and policy updating
  • Remove the management and monitoring burden from the customer

Managed Endpoints

For most Small and Medium Businesses, effectively managing their server and user endpoint environments is a challenge. It requires sophisticated tools, the right skills, a dedicated focus, and an efficient response. Limited budgets, staff availability or expertise, as well as inefficient processes and ineffective support technologies can all lead to unreliable or unsecured systems. This seriously impacts user productivity. Endpoints include desktops, laptops, tablets and servers and TPx understands that these items are not always going to be at the physical office. Their system is designed out so they can support the units no matter where they are. The important thing is to understand and be able to provide a report.

Introducing TPx Endpoint/Network Security Bundle

It’s time to start taking Endpoint and Network security seriously. Today’s security threats are too sophisticated, aggressive, and prevalent to rely on outdated technologies or inconsistent processes to protect your business. Ransomware, file-less attacks, and organize IT cybercriminals are targeting SMBs because they know that SMBs often lack the resources and budget to implement best practice security measures.

TPx is here to help, they’ve bundled two of their most popular IT management and security solutions to make it easy. Their MSx Managed Firewall service together with MSx Managed Endpoints service will protect two of the most vulnerable parts of your IT infrastructure. Through 27×7 monitoring and alerting, professional management and support, and best-in-class technologies, TPx delivers the core security and management services that every business needs. If you place your order before April 30th, you can receive special discounts when you purchase any combinations of their MSx Managed Endpoints and MSx Managed Firewall Services.

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