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Telarus is proud to offer partners many options to help with marketing their services.  

Brochures and Emails 

Telarus has contracted with Aprimo, a through-channel marketing automation leader, to assist partners in creating branded brochures and emails. The brochures we include are general overviews of product types and do not mention specific suppliers (see image). They are perfect conversation starters. Specific suppliers sponsor the email campaigns. We are proud to offer emails from RingCentral NICE inContact, PGi, CenturyLink, and VXSuite. More are added every month.  


We also offer graphic design services like PowerPoints, logo design, and business cards. To request these services, click here 



Partners looking to create or spruce up their site have three options, all vetted by the Telarus marketing team. The September 4th Telarus Tuesday call brought Maestros of Marketing’s founder & president, Jim Mueller, to cover the four most important elements of a telecom website. 



Maestros of Marketing was formed in 2008 by online sales and marketing experts. Their goal is to make it affordable and simple for businesses to outsource their online marketing. Their strategy is to help you drive visitors to your website and generate leads so that you can turn these opportunities into sales. Maestros of Marketing handles anything involving digital marketing; their core products and services include the following:  

  • Website Design & Development  
  • Website Optimization  
  • Traffic Builder 
  • Organic Google Ads 
  • Conversion Optimization Service  
  • Pay-Per-Click Management (PPC) & Remarketing  
  • The Social Media Manager 
  • InTouch Campaigns – Lead Nurturing and Relationship Building 
  • Content Creation
  • Video Traffic Builder – Video Marketing  
  • Partner Marketing  

Maestros of Marketing offers Telarus partners a free website review session. This means they will schedule thirty minutes with you to go through your website and give you feedback. During this review, they will discuss usability, which is the ability for somebody to navigate through your website. They can also help you with conversion optimization and aesthetics.  

Telecom Website Goals   

Telecom websites are typically an online brochure — it’s a place to show your brand. First impressions are very important. Maestros of Marketing helps partners create a professional and affordable website. They also help you make sure your website is mobile friendly because most people now use their mobile devices more than desktops. Lastly, tying in with conversion optimization, having a strong call to action on your website is important. Maestros of Marketing will help you learn what types of calls to action work with what your goals are. Regardless of what you are looking for, Maestros of Marketing can help you with either building a new website from scratch or with upgrading your existing website.  

Maestros of Marketing have also helped Telarus partners in the following areas:  

  • LinkedIn Lead Gen via Social Selling  
  • Building Permission Based Targeted Email Lists 
  • Lead Nurturing