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The August 14th Telarus Tuesday call brought Sr. manager product marketing, Toussaint Celestin, to talk about the latest international capabilities with RingCentral Global Office®.

RingCentral’s Global Office

RingCentral has three primary missions; the first one is to provide a technology in a single platform whether it’s in the US or across the globe. Their second mission involves making sure their technology is easy to use, purchase, deploy and on a global perspective easy to localize. Lastly, they like to make sure their products are eye-friendly for the end user. Aside from delivering great technology and innovating on a frequent basis, their real mission is to empower employees to be more productive and more responsive to their customers. RingCentral has taken the experience that everyone knows and loves from North American, and they’ve unified it and expanded it for global locations.

Their focus is on bringing together all the core pillars of communication. This includes Cloud PBX, meetings and online sharing, team messaging and contact center. They combine disparate solutions into a single platform to give you not only a unified experience but also a global and open platform.

RingCentral’s Global Office benefits include:

  • Extended global presence
  • Connect global workforce
  • Simplify administration
  • Consolidate billing
  • Free global extension dialing
  • Instant activation
  • Local dial plan
  • Comply local regulations
  • Consistent user experience
  • Mobile access

One Platform for Your Global Communications

RingCentral is not the only company to offer a global office solution, but whenever they open a new country, they do it in a full-service capacity. This means:

  • In-country, localized phone service – For example, if you are in Singapore and you want to call a store in the area, many services would require you to dial the country code then the prefix before you enter the local number. With RingCentral you can just dial your number directly just like any other local call.
  • In-country device shipping – This means all the devices you order are already provisioned, so your employees can easily plug in to your network and use the phone. This helps reduce IT efforts.
  • International language support – Every time they roll out a country they make sure end users have support experiences that are localized in the simplified local vernacular.
  • Worldwide ext-to-ext dialing – All employees are under the same RingCentral platform, this means all your internal communications are free – even the distributed office.
  • Number Porting – If you have local offices using a different PBX solution but you want to continue using the same numbers, RingCentral can support your number porting.

RingCentral supports a total of 37 countries for Global Office and 82 countries offering international numbers as of December 2017. All their global office services are compliant with local regulations to provide safe and secure communication. They also have emergency services covered for your phone services. RingCentral has 17 data centers around the world to provide reliable communication services.  They also work closely with more than 45 local carriers and 200 ISP to ensure quality services for every RingCentral customer.

Additional International Services

The International Virtual Number (IVN) Solution is ideal for companies that have no physical branch offices but need local presence or companies that have local offices but only need inbound calling. IVN does not include calling minutes, but North American calls are unlimited. Inbound calls to an IVN are free unless rates are indicated. So, what is the difference between Global Office and IVN?


International calling credit bundles are ideal for companies that want simple international unlimited calling for all countries or companies that are paying international rates for inbound and outbound callings, including toll-free. Discounted calling credit bundles are available from $300 to $675k and overages are billed at a standard international rate. Bundles expire at the end of the month and cannot roll over to the following month.

RingCentral also offers Global Office Unlimited which includes the following:

  • Coverage for over 100 countries.
  • Connects to your customers with a predictable, fixed-price calling plan.
  • Outbounds calls cover both landline and mobile.
  • Available for US and Canada accounts with 250+ users.

For more information about RingCentral’s Global Office visit