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The October 1st Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Broadvoice’s senior director of strategic partnerships, Eric Brooker to discuss their wide arrange of IoT products and what makes Broadvoice great when it comes to multi-site customers. The entire recording is available here.

Where Does Broadvoice Win?

From a pager company run out of a college dorm in 1987, to one of the fastest-growing business cloud communications company in the US, Broadvoice invests in innovations with its solution and its people. Broadvoice is a channel-only organization. At the core they are a UCaaS company, they offer SIP Trunks, Call Center as well as Business SMS. So what separates Broadvoice from other providers? It is not just the features and functionality; what sets them apart is the fact that they own the platforms. Broadvoice built its platform, including the contact center platform they provide. Broadvoice plays well in many verticals regardless of seat size; when you think about Broadvoice don’t think of them as a specific seat size. Broadvoice tends to win in mid-market businesses with a relatively simplified UCaaS need, where the customer has budgetary considerations and sees the value in being able to manage things with the portal Broadvoice provides.

The one thing we often forget is the complexity of multi-site retail. Designed for effortless communication across all your business locations, the b-hive platform by Broadvoice is the ideal technology for your retail operation. Manage your sites, add new locations, and customize features with simplicity and ease. Broadvoice b-hive provides small and medium businesses with a more powerful, dependable, and affordable enterprise-calls cloud communications platform. It does this by combining telephony, UC, collaboration, and virtual call center in one solution. This platform is built to make it easy to connect your business. Managing multi-site bulling, system configurations and network set-up is a seamless experience with their intuitive admin portal and dedicated team supporting you every step of the way. Whether your footprint is a single site with a remote workforce or a franchise chain with a nationwide presence, Broadvoice can handle it all.

With Broadvoice, you can have multiple sites with only one system:

  • 3-digit Extension Dialing – Access any extension from any location with 3-digit extension dialing.
  • Site Redundancy – Keep your system up and running with SD-WAN services and 4G failover available by location.
  • Hot Desking – Allow your team to efficiently work from all of your locations by logging into their extension on any phone.
  • Overflow Calling – Configure overflow calling to have sites work together to manage call volume.
  • Call Parking– Place a call in a specialized hold and have it be picked up by another phone anywhere in the organization.
  • Overhead Paging – b-hive integrates with most overhead paging systems so you can connect your warehouse to your corporate office and every site in between.
  • Call Paths – Share call paths across locations and cut costs by paying only for what you need.
  • Central Faxing – Share one fax system across every location.

Connecting Multiple Locations Has Never Been Easier

Broadvoice is passionate about easy implementation. Whether it is one location at a time or a turn-up of hundreds of sites simultaneously, their project team will manage the process, so you don’t have to. You’ll work with a Project Manager and a Technical Implementation specialist to customize your solution. Broadvoice provides the necessary tools to configure call flows, extension lists, and network set up. They are here to guide you through the process every step of the way.

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