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The December 4th Telarus Tuesday call brought VP of technology, Michael Brown, and CFO Zane Christensen to give a preview of modifications that are being made to the Commission Summary Page.    

Telarus has been working on making some changes to the composite commissions’ report. The Telarus commissions’ report tracks all the money Telarus pays back to partners. One of the things you have probably noticed in the past is that your earliest month is what shows at the very top of the report when often, what you are most interested in, is your most recent months. Below you can get a glimpse at what the new reporting format will look like:  


The commissions’ report will now begin by displaying the last twelve months of information. If you want to look at more history, you can find a “Load More” option at the bottom of the page which will load twelve more months with each click. Another thing that has been added to this report is a Download CSV button, so if you are interested in just the raw data clicking this button will download that in a CSV format which by default will download our entire history. There is now also a quick and easy way to report a commission discrepancy from this page; this button will take you to the Agent Support page.  

Below we have switched over from the live demo examples to more static data. As you can see there are two tabs at the very top; these two tabs include commissions and advances. Advances will only show up if you have gotten a commission advanced. The amount which shows up under the “Payments” column will be exactly what you will see going into your bank account. The idea is that you should be able to view the commissions you have earned along with any other cash activity. 


If you click on the “Advances” tab, this is where you will see more details when it comes to a commission advance. You will be able to view a clearer breakout of when you borrow money; it will show the repayments you have made, the accrual of interests and finally the exact balance of what is still due on that commission advance.  


You can also click on the plus signs; this will show you a further breakout of the information. Below you can view an example of what this will look like.