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The May 29th Telarus Tuesday call brought TPx Ucx evangelist, Darrell Royal, to discuss their unified communications platform, their managed services platform, and their Ethernet ecosystem, supercharged with SD-WAN technology. The entire recording can be found here. 

Why UCx? 

TPx is the nation’s premier Managed Services Provider, delivering unified communications, managed IT, and network connectivity to 80,000 customer locations across the country. Their UCx service is built on the high-quality VoIP service, with the UCx desktop and mobile apps you can call, chat, video conference, and start interactive online meetings from anywhere. UCx enables employees to communicate with ease and ensures customers are always able to reach you. The image below shows included UCx features.  

UCx benefits include:  

  • Hosted/Managed  
  • Latest technology  
  • Easy to add users 
  • Continuity  
  • Many Features  
  • Voice, video, desktop sharing, third-party integration 
  • Mobility  
  • Office, home, mobile 
  • Transport options from TPx or BYOB/OTT with SD-WAN 

What’s New? 

TPx’s UCx user bundles make it easy for you to build your service to your unique requirements. Bundles include UCx Basic, UCx Voice and UCx Complete. UCx Basic is designed for a visitor phone, conference room, or lobby; it includes basic dial tone features. UCx Voice is designed for an office-based employee who needs a business-class phone service but not a full unified communications solution. It includes all UCx Basic features, plus voicemail, and additional call control features such as call forwarding, do not disturb, sequential/simultaneous ring, and shared call appearance. Lastly, UCx Complete is designed for employees who are comfortable using multiple devices and often work remotely. It includes all UCx Voice features, plus the UCx desktop and mobile applications for voice, video, chat, presence, and screen sharing. TPx also offers Call Center Agent Bundles; these combine the UCx Complete feature set with a fully-features and customizable call center queue.

  why unified communications with telarus master agent partner TPx

TPx also has a new installment payment program which allows you to own the equipment at the end of the term. The following devices and services qualify for this program:  

  • Phones and Switches 
  • Managed Services Routers with Managed SD-WAN service 
  • Firewalls with managed Firewall Service 
  • Backup appliances with managed back up service 

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