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The August 28th Telarus Tuesday call brought director indirect security solutions, Dominique Singer, to talk about CenturyLink’s perspective on Information Security.

Marketplace Forces Driving Customer Needs

In the information security space, there are several different challenges in your customer’s environment. These complex challenges intersect with CenturyLink investments, expertise, and capabilities. Below we have listed of some of the most common challenges and what customers are looking for:

CenturyLink has been looking at this marketplace for many years, and they understand the changing environment and the different risks that get introduced. What they’ve put together is a portfolio with an adaptive security ecosystem. It’s important to understand that customers are moving away from CPE and into cloud-based solutions. When customers move to the cloud, there are many security considerations. This means their security people should be focused on the truly strategic issues.

CenturyLink works with a lot of organizations around the globe; they have the largest IP footprint on the planet. This is important because it helps them collect more intelligence, and it also means they have greater visibility than any other company. So what else set CenturyLink apart?

CenturyLink Security Services

CenturyLink is here to help you; they completely own every opportunity you hand over to them. They help align the right solutions so that your customers are moving strategically.  Below we have included a quick overview of their portfolio.

Customers tend to purchase a lot of different technology solutions to solve point problems. These customers end up having a hard time managing all of these different solutions. Aside from this, the most significant problem they face is getting the data out of these environments to make intelligent use out of it. It’s essential for the security professionals to move away from managing this technology and to use instead the intelligence and the data that comes out of this technology. CenturyLink believes this is the right approach for the 21st century, what they offer is a way to collapse these different technology solutions into a cloud service. To do this, they rely on their network which has the highest performance in the world.

CenturyLink’s Adaptive Network Security platform is a solution that they have deployed in their super-pop locations. This means they have high availability, redundancy, and high peering capacity and are able to own the network end-to-end. CenturyLink has deployed this across the globe; this is a solution that is designed to answer international problems. The challenge with deploying CPE into countries around the globe is that equipment can get locked in customs and import for months. CenturyLink has a complete stack of offerings that they can bring to the table on a global basis, most importantly this is a carrier-agnostic solution.

CenturyLink also offers DDoS Mitigation services, this a global platform which is fully owned and managed by them. When you’re talking about DDoS Mitigation the conversation you should be having with your customers is how important their internet availability is. Providing a DDoS mitigation service has nothing to do with the cost of the circuit, but it has everything to do with the value of the internet service. Understanding how important internet presence is to your customer will help you determine what type of DDoS solution makes sense. CenturyLink offers a world-class unmatched solution in terms of scale and availability. Below we have provided a quick look into CenturyLink’s portfolio:

So, why choose CenturyLink?

  • Broad Global Coverage
    • Proximity to customer improves latency
    • Localized gateways allow regional support
  • Ease of Deployment
    • No client software is required
    • Efficiently layer new technologies in a network-based environment (cloud)
  • Flexible Connectivity Options
    • Support GRE, IPsec, IP VPN
    • Hybrid on-premise and cloud-based deployments
  • Breadth of Next-Generation Technology Options
    • Comprehensive suite of optional services
    • Based on best-in-class next-generation firewall technology
  • Increased Efficiencies
    • Cloud-based protection with flexible commercial models
  • Comprehensive Visibility and Control
    • Centralized policy management with visibility through a consolidated portal
    • Supported by CenturyLink Threat Research labs and the SOC

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