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This Tuesday call was all about strategy for technology consultants, as co-founder and VP of partner experience, Patrick Oborn, breaks down 101 ways you can make money in 2019 selling new suppliers, and new products from existing suppliers. This was Part 1 in a three-part series, covering Network and SD-WAN. Part 2 on January 29th will cover UCaaS and CCaaS. Part 3 on February 5th will cover Managed IT, Mobility & IoT, and Cybersecurity as well as the “fringe” suppliers that are new to the channel: drones, receptionists, and more!

master agent shows how to make money in 2019

The Tuesday call recording can be found in our partner back office and on YouTube. Here is a transcription of the chat with Patrick’s answers.

  1. Does Telarus still offer mobility management thru Advantix?
    > Yes
  2. Does Telarus do mobility management thru any vendors other than Advantix & vMox?
    > Yes, Warner Telecom, tera nova, vMOX, and Wireless Analytics
  3. How does vMox compare to Advantix or others?
    > Hello all, yes we do detect international travel and can notify the employee, manager, help desk, etc. Our algorithms, machine learning, APIs, etc. make us different than Advantix and all others in the marketplace. Our systems are patented. Please call me at 602-361-5095 if you want to discuss further.
  4. How many months is the customer required to pay the savings?
    > Check the partner back office for the training we had recently.
  5. What is the minimum size customer VMOX would accept since it is only savings based?
    > For minimum size I would say 200++. We are assessment based so we start with a review of their billing data. If the customer is willing to share their Raw Data files which is a standard report in the carrier portal we will deliver a savings assessment within 48 hours.
  6. How do you access the latest supplier product update presentations?
    > Check our partner back office for all recordings.
  7. I am still learning, is the SD WAN a hardware or software solution?
    > It’s a physical piece of hardware, but it uses software (policies, real-time traffic conditions, and even a bit of AI) to make routing decisions based on the priority of the individual packet. SD-WAN is a software-based solution, but can also be a hardware/software “combination”…
  8. Is COX still only paying spiff only?
    > As of December, Cox pays the following up-fronts (to Telarus): 1yr = 125% of the MRC 2yr = 350% of the MRC 3yr = 550% of the MRC 5yr = 600% of the MRC
  9. Didn’t Verizon sell off Fios to Frontier or did they keep some areas?
    > Yes, Verizon sold off a LOT of its FiOS footprint to Frontier, but it still has its own service in a few markets. Ref: Verizon sold off their non-RBOC markets to Frontier so that is Florida, Texas, California and some other pockets not in the Northeast.
  10. Shouldn’t cogent be on the dedicated fiber list?
    > Yes – in come cases. Cogent almost always uses Dark fiber from other providers to light building
  11. We need a supplier matrix that lets us search by keywords, and has a couple sentence explanation of what they do
    Ralph: That would be very useful!
  12. Who is Airespring using for their 4G backup service?
    > AT&T Wireless
  13. Is SkyRiver now OneRing, or is OneRing now SkyRiver?
    > OneRing recently purchased SkyRiver, correct.
    Patrick: Your Microwave section is missing Natural Wireless
  14. We need a separate Microwave category in Geoquote® so it’s not showing me 4G solutions when I want microwave.
    > Great suggestion.
    Ralph there is a check box you can select in Geoquote® on Step 2 screen that doesn’t show you alternate solutions.
  15. Does Broad Sky have better upload speeds than 4 MB?
    >To get better than 4 MB, which is the max for 4G *and* satellite, you’ll need to go up to Microwave.
  16. Where’s VeloCloud?
    > On the SD-WAN Matrix (under the Manufacturer column).