Xcitium pioneers pre-emptive Zero Trust cybersecurity innovations, offering a fully integrated platform encompassing cybersecurity and IT services. Our unique approach revolves around pre-emptive protection, performance transparency, and affordability, ensuring comprehensive security solutions for organizations of all sizes. With a suite of products including Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR), Managed Endpoint Detection & Response (MDR), Managed Endpoints, Networks & Clouds (XDR), Secure Email Gateway, Secure Internet Gateway, CNAPP (Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform), and much more, we provide a holistic defense against evolving cyber threats. At Xcitium, we pre-empt cybersecurity “unknowns,” providing customers with unparalleled protection, performance, and transparency. Our solutions are trusted by over 6,000 organizational customers and partners globally. Founded with the mission to eliminate cyber breaches, Xcitium utilizes patented ZeroDwell technology, employing Kernel-level API virtualization to isolate and eradicate threats like zero-day malware and ransomware before they inflict harm on endpoints. ZeroDwell forms the bedrock of our Unified Zero Trust (UZT) endpoint and cloud offerings. With a proven track record of zero breaches when fully configured, Xcitium empowers organizations to fortify their security posture and achieve immediate time-to-value with our innovative solutions. Join us in safeguarding your digital assets and mitigating risks with Xcitium.

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