Syringa Networks, LLC

Syringa is a complete solutions provider, combining the stability of a traditional ISP with the agility and innovation of a modern partner. Syringa’s dedication to customized solutions and unparalleled, live customer support positions it as a trusted partner in the dynamic landscape of connectivity and technology solutions. Key Strengths: Regional Infrastructure: Syringa owns and operates an extensive regional network, comprised of thousands of miles of fiber in Idaho and Utah. Global Connectivity: With a strategic global expansion, Syringa delivers connectivity and IT services worldwide, ensuring clients have access to reliable solutions wherever they operate. Tailored Solutions: Leveraging connectivity solutions and advanced partner offerings, Syringa excels in creating customized solutions to meet the unique needs of businesses. Customer-Centric Approach: Syringa Networks prioritizes customer satisfaction through a meticulously designed customer engagement model, aiming to surpass expectations. 24/7 Support: As a trusted technology solutions provider, Syringa offers round-the-clock live customer service, proactively providing clients with continuous support and assurance. Mission: Syringa Networks, founded in 2002, is a Channel ISP headquartered in Boise, Idaho, with a steadfast commitment to providing a world-class, high-performance communications infrastructure. The company’s mission is centered around fostering growth and opportunity for both customers and communities. Syringa is a strategic partner with a modern approach, excelling in value-added reselling and advanced partner brokerage. Fueled by leadership insights from industry giants, we provide innovative solutions for our clients.

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