Corvid Cyberdefense

Corvid Cyberdefense provides managed Cybersecurity as a Service for growing organizations and municipalities of all sizes that want superior protection against a constantly changing threat landscape. Our proprietary software, Haven, defends your organization so you can focus on your business. We secure your digital assets with an evolving technology stack and four levels of security analyst teams who see and stop threats against your organization 24/7/365. Best of all, Haven easily and affordably scales with your organization without impact on CapEx. Haven™ is a managed protection, detection, and response solution made for businesses pursuing a managed security services provider. The platform provides enterprise class security solutions at an affordable price and provides the necessary security controls, management, and monitoring to effectively protect your business, customers, and your employees from cyberattacks. Not all environments are the same. You may store your critical information on-site, in the cloud or a combination of both. Your employees access information in the office, at the home, on the road, and most likely a combination of all of the above. Our platform provides your organization with options that fit how you conduct business and where and how your employees access information. Our platform can be deployed within your data center, office or in one of our secure data centers. This flexibility ensures that your data and the people accessing your data are always secure regardless of location. Easily add new features and users to your Haven™ platform. As your business evolves, you can easily add additional features. When your business grows, you can easily add users, so new employees receive the same level of security you currently have in place. Our expert engineers will easily get any new features and users added to the platform and ensure that you are taking advantage of the security controls as quickly as possible. You can now have the peace of mind knowing that the solution you have invested in will be able to protect your growing business for years to come. Attackers are constantly finding new ways to circumvent security controls. Fortunately, there are many new technologies being released daily to counteract new attacks. However, for most businesses it is very time consuming and expensive to try to stay a step ahead of the bad guys and protect their organization. Your Havenâ„¢ platform was developed with this in mind and as such, it has the ability to remove, add, or change the technologies as the threat landscape evolves. For you, this means no more costly upgrades and out of date technology. Corvid Cyberdefense is ready for DoD CMMC Level-2 certification, a program created by the U.S. Department of Defense to protect our nation’s supply chain. As a leader in DoD security readiness, Corvid Cyberdefense delivers military-grade cybersecurity to all organizations – big and small.

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