As one of the largest telecom operators in China, China Mobile is well-positioned to provide tier-1 global network connectivity services with a concentration in China/APAC. We are proudly serving the majority of Fortune 500 companies and it is our mission to consult, enable, and empower our customers and partners with stellar global service support.
Currently, we have more than 300+ PoPs in China and 230+ PoPs outside of China, with 70+ cable system resources and 90T+ global capacity.

Services Sold
• Connectivity: DIA/IP Transit/IEPL / MPLS VPN / EVPN
• Managed Network Service: Application Acceleration Service/Cloud Connect / SD-WAN/Cloud SMS & VoIP/ Unified Communications
• ICT: Hardware as a Service/Network as a Service/NoC as a Service/Managed Services/ Equipment Purchase / Professional Service
• IDC: Hong Kong GNC / Singapore DC / London DC / Frankfurt DC/ US DC
• IoT: RINGA Platform / IoT SIM Card / Smart Devices / One-step Solutions

Elevator Pitch
How would you briefly spark a customer’s interest in your Company?
In China, 9 times out of 10, we have seen customers struggling with high-priced networks with unusual packet loss, jitter, latency, and business application accessibility, such as Salesforce, O365, SharePoint, etc. China Mobile owns the network eyeball in China, and especially in our team, we have always positioned ourselves as the China Experts. Cutting global customers’ bills in China by 50% with guaranteed performance has always been our expertise. That is why we are trusted international consultants to Fortune 2000 companies. As the largest incumbent carrier in the market, China Mobile is committed to be disruptive by providing a premium network with extended price flexibilities. Backing up by a healthy financial system, China Mobile’s investments in China and APAC have enabled exclusive and innovative connectivity products to serve global network needs at a competitive price point. Does your company have any network issues in China that you are currently struggling with?
Key Differentiators
• High-performance and exclusive connectivity and network resources to provide multi-flavor international connections.
• Commercial flexibility towards the pricing, solution, procedure, and customer requirements
• Fast and solid responsiveness for any enquiries, from solution consultation, project implementation, to post-sales trouble shooting.
• Dedicated business and technical resources to optimize customers/partners’ experience.

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