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Point-to-Point Network

What is a Point-to-Point Network?

Point-to-Point Networks are mainly used for two locations that need to securely send sensitive or confidential data between each location.  The high performance it provides is due to the low latency of the network. For confidentiality purposes, this service doesn’t require the data traffic to be routed over the public internet, which is where many breaches in security can happen.


  • Pricing: Because businesses will be purchasing the physical line between the two locations, the suppliers will charge per mileage based on the two locations. For example, a Point-to-Point connection from California to New York will be substantially more expensive than a connection from California to Arizona.
  • Equipment: Point-to-Point Networks require more equipment than an MPLS network. With this, the customer will have to be responsible for maintaining and managing the equipment that is needed for a Point-to-Point Network. Unfortunately, because of this, businesses usually do not have the time or staff to keep up with the managing that this service requires.
  • Carriers: Most carriers will be able to provide a Point-to-Point network. However, most carriers that resell services will not provide this since they do not own their own network. Depending on the distance between the two connections, resellers will have to buy from multiple diverse carrier networks just to make up one Point-to-Point solution for a business. This could become very complicated for a reseller and less reliable.
  • Alternatives: MPLS network requires less equipment than a Point-to-Point. Most businesses will choose an MPLS network since carriers will do the managing and maintaining of the equipment. Also, MPLS is very cost effective and can sometimes result in a more less expensive route for businesses.


If you have a fixed line of sight between the two locations, you may want to take the faster route that avoids installs and use a microwave point to point.  This is just as secure, but keep in mind that carriers will charge based on usage.


If you have two locations both oversees that need a secure point-to-point, there are options to use the same great carriers you are familiar with in the foreign location you need them in.  See below for available carriers that provide International Point to Point.

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