Marketing Services & Partner Loyalty Rewards

The New Loyalty Rewards program is designed to give you more.

Continue selling like you always have and earn commission, and in addition, earn Loyalty Reward Points! The more you sell with Telarus, the higher the reward points earning potential. Check your Telarus Back Office to see your available points, shop out how you would like to redeem those points below, and then submit the request form found further down on this page.

Website Content

Ceros Instant Webpages

0 points
Telarus creates stunning webpages that feel like animated and interactive scrolling infographics that you can add to your website today! As long as you have access to add HTML embed codes to your existing website, then this is a great way to beef up your website with compelling marketing content for various technologies and offerings.

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Logo and Business Card Design

Logo Design
1500 points
Need a new logo? Telarus has built an amazing reputation on the 99 Designs platform and in a matter of days, partners can have dozens of professional custom logo options available to choose from. Get a custom-designed logo where professional designers compete to design the best logo just for you.

Business Cards
300 points
The Telarus graphic design team will personally create a business card that will stand out among the rest.

Marketing Flyers

Flyer Customization

50-300 points
Telarus provides partners marketing flyers to use as leave-behinds, emails, and website graphics. Want them personalized with your own logo and contact info? Our graphic designers can help!

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Social Media Package

Social Media Package

600 Points
Get a personal and company LinkedIn audit with some best practice consultation. Also get a LinkedIn headline banner image designed by our graphics team!

Video Marketing Services

Video Marketing Services

0 – 20,000 points
Tell your story and educate your audience through compelling video. Telarus partners have access to a library of free unbranded marketing videos and low-cost options to have them customized.
Want your own unique video? Get discounted rates with LimeLight, our video creation partner.
Want to film in the Telarus studio? Select a package with your Loyalty Reward Points and our team will make you look great as you deliver your message.

Client Gifting

Client Gifting

500 – 10,000 points
Surprise and delight your clients with gifts throughout the year! Telarus has sourced gifts that can be branded with your logo. Determine the quantity you’d like to send, and simply provide the name and addresses for the client. Telarus will coordinate the shipping, and create a custom card with your logo, branding, and unique message.

Event Planning Services

Event Planning Services

500-12,000 points
Need help organizing an event? Our team can help with as little as being a consultant to as much as helping with registration, venue, and catering! Tell our team your ideas and you’ll receive a quote for loyalty points cost. Common events that do well might include golf tournaments, sporting events, concerts, or trade shows.

Additional Tickets to President's Club

Additional Tickets to President’s Club

35,000 points
After qualifying for President’s Club, spend 35,000 points to bring an additional couple from your organization.

Custom Options

Custom Options

If you can dream it, we can do it. From home remodel projects, chartering a deep-sea fishing trip, or a luxury travel experience – anything is possible, for the right amount of Telarus Loyalty Rewards points! Telarus is Built For You, let’s build this idea together. Contact your Loyalty Program Manager to learn more about custom options.

Mojenta telecom websites

Marketing as a Service

Marketing Packages Made for Telecom Agents

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Marketing Packages

Starting at $1,000/month


Starting at $3,150

Get all of your marketing needs covered in one place with Vendasta!

Take a look at the tile menu of offerings below and find the marketing gaps you need filled. Vendasta can help with your website, social media, cloud apps, email, blogs, and digital ads.

Website Design

Website Design


Managed Email, Website, and More!

  • New WordPress Website Creation
  • Create Individual WordPress Landing Pages
  • Ongoing Website Changes
  • Monthly Newsletters
  • Email Campaign Management
  • On Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Reliable, Monitored Hosting
  • Website Analytics
  • GeoQuote® Integration
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Vivial is Telarus vendor-partner that you can also use for your own digital marketing needs!

Mobile-responsive Websites

  • 5, 10 or 20 page sites available
  • On-page search engine optimized content
  • Features and functionality to drive engagement with visitors
  • Google My Business profile optimization
  • Robust reporting with online dashboard capabilities
  • On-demand account service team for support during and after the website build

Online Optimization

  • Effectively manage and grow your online presence from Vivial’s Marketing Platform
  • Publish custom content online, on social and distribute via email
  • Leverage text messaging to engage with customers
  • On-demand account service team

Social Media Management

  • Leverage the power of social media to target, connect and engage with potential customers
  • Dedicated Social Media Manager
  • In-depth monthly performance review

Search Engine Marketing

  • Local search solutions to expand Google presence and relevancy
  • Google Certified Experts
  • Campaign management and detailed monthly reporting