What is VXSuite?

Telarus changed the world of Master Agents everywhere and continues to lead the industry in innovation and agent-empowering tools by acquiring VXSuite.   VXSuite is a complete UC Management Platform that helps you work with your customers to understand their communications ecosystem, optimize its performance and deliver on the promise of Unified Communications. The VXSuite modules provide actionable business intelligence on how to define, design, integrate, optimize, and manage the technologies that makeup your ecosystem as well as monitor and support each customer’s unique configuration.  Telarus partners will become heroes to their customers as they will now be enabled to quickly identify network issues and provide complete pictures of networks with their strengths and areas of needed improvement. 

Why VXSuite?

Circuit Monitoring

Telarus provides circuit monitoring for all Telarus-sourced circuits at no cost to the partner or end-user.  Selling will never be the same.  Differentiate yourself from your competition with this service powered by VXSuite.  Worried about having to then  manage outages? Circuit monitoring can now be enhanced with fully managed ticket resolution! While your competitors are talking about price, you'll be have the more important conversations that really differentiate you from the others.


Sell more hosted UC with this free pre-sale test to make sure that you and your customer move forward with confidence. 

VXSupportLine is a technology that makes providers more transparent to the end user experience. It starts in the pre-sales process by removing fear and risk by ensuring applications will function as intended in the end-users environment. The providers want this because when they have a bad experience based on LAN or WAN, they incur brand damage, lost revenue, and fail to differentiate themselves. This will prove to be a win for suppliers, a win for IT buyers, and a big win for the end-user.


With VoIP systems, voice quality now relies on the data network. Tools exist to monitor that network, but VXPulse is the only network monitoring tool that looks at the network through the lens of voice to determine call quality issues and protect the user experience. Partners can use VXPulse to assess a customer’s network to determine VoIP readiness, to troubleshoot issues and to offer ongoing support.

Who Needs It?

  • Any business that wants to ensure acceptable call quality. 
  • Partners looking to offer managed services to customers.
  • Businesses with a hybrid UC environment like a Cisco/Lync environment, an Avaya/Polycom environment, etc.


  • Remotely monitors PBXs, VoIP implementations, network devices and access points across a network. 
  • Continually tests and tracks the status of the network to detect changes and threats to the end-user experience. 
  • Monitors call quality and server performance. 
  • Supports all network devices, even from multiple suppliers. 
  • Gives support staff a complete view of the entire communication ecosystem and its status through a unified remote access solution. 
  • Allows for backup of server and network device configuration with verification and audit reporting. 
  • Supports small business voice and data networks as well as large enterprises with multiple locations. 
  • Reduces costs with automated monitoring and notification, thus minimizing business disruption.

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