Circuit Monitoring

Telarus provides circuit monitoring for all Telarus-sourced circuits at no cost to the partner or end-user.  Selling will never be the same.  Differentiate yourself from your competition with this new service powered by VXSuite.  This page was designed to walk you through a brief 3 step process to learning about the service, how to sell it, and how to use it effectively.  

Now with Monitoring Peers!

The essence of Monitoring Peers is the ability to monitor a circuit from two widely-dispersed points on the internet; the west coast and the east coast of the United States. The distribution of the monitoring ensures that when testing the circuits, different paths across the internet will be used. Performance metrics for these two different routes will be collected, providing data for comparison and triangulation.

Monitoring Peers also provides an additional layer of redundancy to the product offering as a whole. If we were to lose a Monitoring Agent, the second agent will continue to collect data and generate alerts.

Monitoring Peers circuit monitoring

Circuit Monitoring Training

Step 1: Learn

Watch this short 7 minute training video to learn:

  • What is included
  • What is required
  • How it works
  • What to expect

Pressed for time and want the notes? Click the button to see the text version.

Circuit Monitoring flyer

Step 2: Sell

Arm yourself with a white-labeled marketing slick to visually explain to your customers why buying a circuit from you is better than buying a circuit from your competition. Click the image below to submit a request form to our in-house graphic designer so he can add your logo and custom messaging if you choose.

Circuit Monitoring Slick

Circuit Monitoring Training pt 2

Step 3: Monitor

Watch this video training on how to navigate the dashboard and the circuit performance metrics.  From this view, you will see all of your sold circuits that have the service and be able to maintain their quality with ease.  The training video below contains the following sections:

Dashboard Overview 0:01
Circuit Details 6:53
Events and Reporting 14:03
Detailed Report Walk-through 20:47

Get Started Today

Contact your Telarus Partner Support Manager and they will request the necessary information you will need to get circuit monitoring for your desired customers.  Refer to our support team map for contact information.

Not a partner yet? Fill out the blue form on this page and let us know you're interested in learning more.

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