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The October 15th Telarus Tuesday call welcomed NICE inContact’s VP of revenue generation, Rusty Jensen, to discuss how the leading cloud contact center supplier supports Telarus partners for success. The entire recording is available here.

Market Trends & Areas of Focus

The contact center market software market was valued at 15.92 billion in 2017, and it’s expected to reach 35.77 billion by 2023. It is not common for markets to grow this way, but there is a radical advancement happening in technology. The focus lately has been to advance technology in the following areas.

  • Digital Channels: 30 different Channels
  • Analytics Infusion: Biometric Authentication, Voice and Text, Sentiment, Trigger Change
  • Automation and AI: Workforce Intelligence, Chat and Voice Bots, Robotic Workflow Automation

Another thing NICE inContact is seeing is that the enterprise is shifting to cloud contact center. Over 750 contact center seats are making shifts to cloud contact center to capitalize on technology and automation. This has been a very successful but incredibly difficult transition to manage as it is moving faster than most providers can, NICE inContact is the only provider that can do this. NICE inContact continues to support the small and mid-market area.

Lastly, consolidation is another big thing happening in the market. CRM and CCaaS are converging; this has led to Salesforce creating a Contact Center product. UCaaS and CCaaS are also converging, so you now have Vonage, who acquired New Voice, and RingCentral, who acquired Connect First. All of these moves will continue to disrupt.

Strategy to Help NICE Partnerships Execute

NICE inContact’s success is based on its superior platform. Unlike single-point solutions that require integration of various elements from several third-party companies, NICE inContact has a platform in which all solutions are fully integrated for the customer. This helps increase the ASP for the partner.

  • They sell from SMB (40-50 seats) to the largest enterprise. This is competitive for F5.
  • They have over 250,000 agents using their system over the last 12 months.
  • Their customers operate in more than 150+ countries.
  • They guarantee 99.99% uptime.
  • 85 of Fortune 100 companies use NICE inContact solutions.

NICE inContact has simplified pricing, they have created great implementation bundles. They have also made on-site deployments available at no cost, and offer superior customer support.

  • Highest overall satisfaction in DMG Consulting Report
  • Top scores in eight of thirteen categories, more than any other vendor
  • Perfect scores (5.0/5.0) overall satisfaction and ease of doing business

Investing & Innovation

The numbers tell the story, NICE inContact is virtually alone in its leadership of the market. Very few other companies can claim an overwhelmingly positive cash flow, and that free-flowing cash is more than some companies have in sales. Innovation is critical to their future; they have more people in R&D than other companies have in their entire company. The Bottom Line is that NICE inContact is the safe, solid choice for your customers.

NICE inContact’s Partner Channel ecosystem is designed to put their partners in control. With the most developed and experienced Channel Team in the business, their partners have access to all the tools and support they need to be successful. Their Lead Registration policies protect their partners who register leads. NICE inContact’s Channel Marketing tools give their partners access to all the materials they need to market their business. Partner Success and Enablement teams are always ready to provide their partners with ongoing post-sale support and training. These comprehensive partner benefits are funneled through a team of National and Regional Partner Managers who support and collaborate with partners every step of the sales journey.

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