Telarus Code of Ethics

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Telarus, LLC (“Telarus”) is committed to accomplishing its organizational goals responsibly, morally, and ethically. This Code of Ethics (the “Code”) will give guidance as to how Telarus expects its employees, partners, and sub-agents of partners (collectively “Telarus Representatives”) to engage in business in such a way it can be proud. While no document could explain every way that every individual could do something unethical, the purpose of this document is to set forth general principles and common areas of concern. In no way are the items in this Code to be considered exhaustive. As a Telarus Representative, I understand that I have had and will continue to have opportunities to ask questions about this Code and have any questions answered and/or clarified.

  1. Telarus Representatives SHALL engage in business with honesty and integrity.
  2. Telarus Representatives SHALL NOT make statements which are deceptive, misleading, or disparaging by nature with the intention of misleading another into doing business with Telarus or one of its suppliers.
  3. Telarus Representatives SHALL NOT engage in slander, libel, or defamation of any competitor.
  4. Telarus Representatives SHALL only represent themselves accurately based on the Telarus Representative’s actual legal status. For example, a Telarus partner shall not represent themselves as an employee of Telarus or any supplier, unless such a statement is factually accurate.
  5. Telarus Representative shall not offer, pay, or accept bribes, kickbacks, or payoffs of any kind that would violate any applicable law.
  6. Telarus Representatives shall not utilize the partner list of any of its competitors. Telarus Representatives acknowledge that a successful business is built on strong relationships and focusing on the value proposition of Telarus rather than the use of another company’s list of partners.
  7. Telarus Representatives shall NEVER falsify a document or forge a signature of a customer, supplier, or any other person.
  8. Telarus Representatives shall NEVER submit an order to a supplier on behalf of the customer without authorization of that customer.
  9. Telarus Representatives shall comply with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations (including but not limited to CPNI, privacy, and slamming regulations).
  10. Telarus Representatives shall not use any unapproved marketing materials, trademarks, or logos of Telarus or any Telarus suppliers without authorization from Telarus and/or the appropriate supplier.
  11. Telarus Representatives shall not engage in telemarketing campaigns which violate the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) or other telemarketing laws.