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Verizon Business

Whether your customers are looking for tools to revolutionize their network, drive workforce productivity, or protect their business from security threats, Verizon and its partners offer products and services that provide the building blocks for enterprise IT.  Verizon’s decades of network and telecom experience and partnerships with enterprises and federal agencies can help solve real world challenges and drive powerful outcomes.

Key Features and Differentiators

The future is wide open to possibility. Seize it – We live in dynamic times. To move forward, customers need a company who can combine technology and possibility in new ways. What serves an enterprise today is merely groundwork for what will propel it tomorrow. With the right partner, businesses can do more than react to the future. They can lead your industry into it.

  • A Trusted Team: Verizon has the know how to manage complex networks an d services
  • A Complete Portfolio: Verizon’s integrated suite of solutions provides a one-stop shop for intelligent networking, managed services, unified communications and security services
  • Global Insights: What Verizon learns managing over 500,000 security, network and hosting devices fuels valuable insights into the digital landscape

Gartner Magic Quadrant

  • 13 Years in a row as a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant Network Services, Global
  • 7 Years in a row as a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant Managed Security Services, Worldwide
  • 3 Years in a row as the only telecom company named Leader in both Magic Quadrant for Network Services, Global and Magic Quadrant for MSS, Worldwide

Ideal Customer Profile

  • Mid-market
  • Multi- location
  • Minimal IT resources
  • International requirements

Qualifying and Technical Questions for Customers

Can you share some insight on the complexity of managing your network across your multiple locations and multiple vendors?

What data applications are you currently running and / or plan to implement in the future?

What cloud applications are critical to running your business?

If you could change one thing about your network, what would it be?

What key initiatives could your IT team accomplish if their time was freed up from having to manage the network?

What happens when your network [traffic] spikes unpredictably?

What security solutions do you currently utilize? Are you satisfied with them?

How do you currently prepare for and handle disaster recovery? Security breaches? Do you have an emergency response plan in place?

What expertise, technology and processes do you use to protect your security infrastructure?

Do you partner with any other organization in relation to security incident response?

Do you have in-house expertise to react in the event of a security incident?

Would you be able to deal with a security incident effectively if one were to occur currently?

How quickly would you expect a response to be needed, if a security incident were to occur?