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In a bid to better support its growing number of sales partners, the largest privately-held master agent and cloud services distributor has consolidated six regions into three areas, with Mike Bettilyon over the West Area, Mike Gottwalt over the Central Area, and Ruth Morford over the East Area

Telarus, LLC., master agent and largest private-held distributor of business cloud infrastructure and contact center services, today announced it had restructured its field sales team and promoted three new Area Vice Presidents: Mike Bettilyon (West), Mike Gottwalt (Central), and Ruth Morford (East). The recent move creates a solid leadership team whose focus is to hire, train, and provide ongoing coaching to new Partner Development Managers within their respective areas. The move is meant to create a structure in which a deeper level of support can be provided for more partners, in more markets, in less time.

“I’d like to congratulate our three new Area Vice Presidents,” said Scott Forbush, SVP of Worldwide Sales for Telarus. “Each of them has been leaders on our sales team for many years and have helped the Telarus sales partners under their care produce UCaaS, CCaaS, and cybersecurity sales at the highest levels. Their skill, work ethic, and an amazing network of partners and suppliers have made them invaluable to our expansion efforts, and I look forward to seeing them in action as they build their respective partner development teams.  We have an amazing group of Senior Partner Development Managers, and I look forward to seeing them improve and grow in their careers under the mentorship of our new team of Area Vice Presidents.”

Before this change, the Telarus field team consisted of six smaller “regions” consisting of California, Mountain West, Southwest, Midwest, Southeast, and Northeast. Under the new configuration, California and Mountain West regions are now the “West Area,” the Southwest and Midwest regions are now the “Central Area,” and the Southeast and Northeast regions are now the “East Area.”

“Here at Telarus, our entire focus is on our partner community,” added Adam Edwards, CEO of Telarus. “This change will allow us as a company to go deeper with our partners, in more places. We know that we’ve got a winning recipe of sales engineering, automated research tools, and value-added services that help our partners earn more money with us than they can on their own or with another master agent, but we needed to find a way to get this message to more people in less time. These changes allow us to accomplish that goal, and at the same time provide an amazing career path for three of our top field sales employees: Mike Bettilyon, Mike Gottwalt, and Ruth Morford. It’s a win-win-win for all of us.”

Mike Bettilyon, the Area VP of the West, has been with Telarus since 2015, where he started as the regional vice president of the Mountain West Region.  Under Bettilyon’s leadership, the Mountain West region has consistently been the highest producing region in the country.

Mike Gottwalt, the Area VP of the Central, has been with Telarus since 2007, where he has served as Partner Development Manager, VP of Sales, and most recently regional vice president of the Midwest. Before joining Telarus as a full-time employee, Gottwalt was one of Telarus’ top-producing channel partners.

Ruth Morford, the Area VP of the East, started with Telarus in 2015 in the role of VP of Strategic Partnerships, where she headed up the recruiting of new VAR, MSP, and telecom sales partners nationwide. Most recently, Morford was the regional vice president of the Southeast region, the fastest-growing region in the country due to her and her team’s recruiting efforts.

“It’s important to note that these changes are something that we take very seriously, as we seek to improve the partner experience while trying to minimize the impacts to existing relationships that our sales partners have built with our field sales team,” added Richard Murray, COO of Telarus. ‘As we continue to grow, we need to stay ahead of the curve and ensure the value we provide to our partners doesn’t become diluted. We are confident that these changes will not only prevent that very thing from happening, but it will also help us stay ahead of the curve and expand to many more geographic areas that are looking for technology leadership in cloud services. I believe our ‘new and improved’ field sales team will the perfect conduit for our partners to unlock the value we’ve built in our sales engineering group, our UCaaS/CCaaS, Mobility, and Cybersecurity specialty groups, and our patented online research tools.”

For more information about the award-winning Telarus partner program, including how to join, please contact the new partner hotline at 877-346-3232 or visit us online at

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