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Brandon Knight Biz Dev CCaaS Telarus

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Former SVP of Channel and Sales for Serenova to take on the role of Vice President of Business Development of CCaaS in which he’ll be tasked with educating and assisting Telarus’ 4,000 sales partners with complex call center solutions.

January 23, 2020 – SANDY, UT – Telarus, LLC., master agent of business cloud infrastructure and contact center services, today announced it had hired industry-veteran, Brandon Knight, as its new VP of Business Development – Contact Center. In this role as head contact center evangelist, Knight will specialize in helping Telarus sales partners design, present, and close large unified communications and contact center opportunities. These technologies are the fastest-growing segment of the Telarus product portfolio. Telarus sales partners will have access to his extensive knowledge, all of whom can present Knight to their customers under their brand. Knight comes to Telarus, having run global sales for Serenova, a leading contact center provider. He also ran the CCaaS practice of Intelisys, where he designed training and directly supported channel partners with their complex CCaaS deals.

“We are excited to turn the keys of our CCaaS practice over to someone as dynamic and knowledgeable as Brandon,” said Roger Blohm, EVP, and leader of the Telarus Business Development team. “Everyone who knows Brandon knows he is an all-star in the CCaaS industry. With over 25 years of combined experience running contact centers, consulting for contact centers, and running contact center practices, he’ll hit the ground running with our sales partner community hungry to sell CCaaS. His greatest skill isn’t just understanding the differences between the many suppliers in this space — it’s knowing exactly when and where each one is a fit. His ability to understand the customer’s needs, to design the perfect solution, and then to help present that solution directly to the client will help our partners be experts in front of their customers. For us, it’s all about educating our sales partners, giving them confidence in their ability to sell CCaaS, and allowing them to close enormous and complex opportunities. Brandon is the perfect person to do this.”

Over his successful career, Knight has held significant roles with a focus on Contact Center. Recently, he was the SVP of global channels and sales for industry-leader Serenova, where he completely revamped their sales and support structure, making it one of the most channel-friendly providers in the industry. Before taking up the reigns at Serenova, Knight was the cloud contact center practice leader at Intelisys. There he built training content, spoke at both internal and external live events, and helped their sales partners navigate large cloud deals. Before getting into the Channel, Knight was a contact center manager for Humana, Health systems, Travelers and Sprint.

“There is only one person I know who understands how to sell complex contact center infrastructure, knows how to inspire our sales partners, and knows how to lead a contact center practice with optimism, strategic thinking, and straight-talk, and that person is Brandon Knight,” said Scott Forbush, SVP of sales for Telarus. “During the many years I’ve worked with Brandon, I have seen first-hand his ability to educate customers and agents in a way that is rare in this industry. This ability to listen, ask questions, and carefully step customers and sales partners through the design process will be key to Brandon leading our CCaaS business development efforts. I do not doubt that our partners are going to love him because they already do.”

“I’ve been watching Telarus grow for years, and now I am proud to join them as their contact center business development leader,” said Brandon Knight, VP of business development – contact center for Telarus. “For the past five years, Telarus has focused on Contact Center and hired some of the best talents in the industry to help build that practice. I feel like I’m coming into a situation where the cupboards are full and I’m beyond excited to help them take this practice to the next level. The contact center is where companies interact with their customers; its success is mission-critical to every stakeholder. My team at Telarus is here to maximize its chances of success. This business development practice, along with the others (Cloud, Security, IoT, UCaaS), are the key ingredients to helping Telarus sales partners appear bigger and more credible. These are essential ingredients to finding and closing the big deals. I look forward to continuing this momentum and helping the group scale. I also look forward to expanding our CCaaS software virtual engineering tools, to building our bootcamp educational content, and to working with our partners to perfect their pitches so they can get in and close the massive and exciting CCaaS deals.”

If you’d like to have Brandon Knight assist you with your contact center opportunities, please engage the Telarus new partner hotline at 877-346-3232 or visit us online at

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