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The September 28th Telarus Tuesday Call welcomed Derek Collins, RVP Sales from Thrive Networks. Join us in discussing the recent success and case studies Thrive is seeing with Telarus. Thrive will discuss trends relating to security services, how partners are leveraging security assessments and converting those into MRR. Thrive will also speak to the types of customers being signed and specific services gaining traction along with the most effective questions to kick start the conversation. The entire recording is available here.

About Thrive Networks

Today’s shifting tides of technology innovation create challenges and opportunities. As more and more workloads shift to the Cloud, IT management is now about making technology work outside the corporate walls more than within. Thrive is here to help. We have teams of expert engineers and support teams dedicated to Cloud, Security, network management, disaster recovery, business continuity, and more.

NextGen Managed Services


Everything your remote workers need.

GoToConnect is the one simple, seamless, and reliable platform for voice and video. You can use this service on any device and in any location. GoToConnect offers:

  • Voice, messaging, fax, text, presence, integrations, video conferencing, audio conferencing, and screen sharing.



LastPass is a password management system. You can maintain complete visibility and control over employee access, no matter where the team is working. This system includes:

  • Multi-factor authentication, single sign-on (SSO), and identity access management.


Work from anywhere bundles.

Best Practices of Top Partners

Collab with AE’s (Sales Support)

This allows you to lean on your AE’s for solution packaging. Make sure to ask leading questions for a deeper conversation and creditability.

Engage Sales Engineers or Vertical Specialist early

Discusses the best approaches, solution needs, specialized integrations, and specific industry verbiage.

Use the POC option

Use the POC option, over 50 seats – 70% close rate for accounts engaging the Proof-of-Concept team.

Spend some time with your Channel Manager

Make sure to go through at least the “need to knows” of the program offerings, resources, demo accounts, SPIFF qualifications, and expectations for implementations.

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