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As the latest incremental improvement to the Telarus Circuit Monitoring product, we’re excited to announce today, the Circuit Monitoring Dashboard will be available within the Telarus Mobile Application.

There are a couple of differences to note between the web-based version and the App-based version of the Dashboard:

  1. When loading the App-based Dashboard, no resources will be initially selected.  This is to reduce the memory consumption on your mobile device.  Adding circuits to the Dashboard is quick and easy and is detailed below.
  2. You will not need to authenticate a second time into the mobile-based Dashboard.  We take advantage of your mobile-app login information to authenticate you to the Dashboard.

Launching the Dashboard

A new menu item will be available within the Mobile application.  Simply click on the new icon or menu item to load the Dashboard within your Telarus Mobile Application.

Adding Resources, Graphs, Choosing Dates

Adding content to the Dashboard is accomplished by clicking on the gear icon at the top of the Dashboard.

You will then be presented with a tabbed Interface where you can choose which Charts to display, which Resources to display and the Date Range you want to display (defaults to last 24 hours).  Once you have selected the parameters you desire, click on the “Update Dashboard” button and the requested information will be displayed.


As with the Web-based Dashboard, results will automatically refresh.  If you want to pause the Refresh, simply click on the VCR-like Pause button.


If you are new to the Circuit Monitoring offering or have questions about the additional features available in the web-based version we have several resources available on the Telaruswebsite.

  Telarus master agent Circuit Monitoring

We’re happy to continue providing Circuit Monitoring at no cost to our Partners for any circuit sourced through Telarus.  We’re also excited to be able to extend this service to any circuit previously sourced through Carrier Sales!

If you have any questions related to Circuit Monitoring provisioning, please contact your Partner Support Manager at Telarus.

If you have ideas for additional features that you would like to see within the Circuit Monitoring product, please contact me.  I really enjoy understanding what our Partners would value in future development efforts.