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The February 20th Telarus Tuesday call brought Geoff Mina and Darryl McDade of Connect First along with Paul Liljenquist, ClearView President to discuss the contact center space. 

What You Need to Know About Connect First  

In 2005, Connect First CEO and co-founder Geoff Mina and President and co-founder Richard Manulkin envisioned a new approach to contact center technology. Their dependable, cost-effective cloud-based contact center solutions found traction almost immediately, keeping the company profitable every quarter since founding. At first, the Boulder-based team worked with resellers to get their systems and networks into the hands of a growing customer base of contact centers, non-profits, and political organizations. Today, Connect First has over 500 clients worldwide and boasts a 97% customer retention rate, the highest in the industry. 

According to Gartner approximately 40% of the inquires they receive from end-user clients in North America are Cloud contact center related. There’s lots of buzz, noise and vendors in this space all trying to make an impact. During this time we’ll briefly unpack key inhibitors leading to poor market adoption and where Connect First provides value in solving your clients complex communication challenges. As previously mentioned 40% of Gartner inquiries discuss cloud contact center, this means that of the sixteen billion contact center market size 40% of the end-users have an active need for a cloud contact solution. Today your market opportunity is 12 billion dollar, and Connect First provides a cloud solution that’ll help you make the most of this massive opportunity.  

Win With Connect First  

The cloud contact center market in North America is still maturing and end-user needs are not being met with a reliable single solution. There are a few inhibitors that are leading to low mainstream adaption, those inhibitors include:  

  • Integration Capabilities  
  • Failed Deployments or Implementations  
  • Reliability or Scalability  
  • Satisfaction and Solutions Support 
  • Complex Pricing  

Connect First has the only cloud based solution built with these inhibitors in mind from day one. They have built a solution that is rich, reliable and scalable. So how will you win when you choose Connect First? 

  • Open Integration First Architecture – Most vendors in the contact center space have closed systems and their integration capabilities are non-standard. Connect First has an API first architecture. They begin by developing every feature, functionality, and layer of their technology stack with APIs.  
  • No One-Size-Fits-All Approach – Every contact center has a unique set of requirements around how they need their system configured and deployed. Connect First implements a Technical and Operational Process which they conduct onsite to fully understand their business model and how their technology will help solve the customers problems.  
  • Globally Hosted AWS –  Their platform is superior because of their implementation on top of AWS.  
  • 100% Satisfaction – Most customers feel like they can either have good support but lackluster technology or good technology but zero support. Connect First has a huge focus on customer satisfaction, that goes from implementation and pre-sales all the way to true customer relationship management. They have a two minute response time on all ticket types and a one minute response time to any ticket that is urgent.  
  • Transparent, Best Price/Value in the Industry – Connect First focuses on transparent and predicable pricing. When a customer sees a quote from them if they know how many minutes they are running through a network and they know how many agents they have they can almost predict to the dollar what their invoice will be each month.  

Connect First takes pride in what they build, they’ve applied the same thoughtfulness to their partner program making it easier for you to sell.  They believe in setting you up for success, their program is designed to help you have more meaningful conversation around contact center so you can introduce a solutions that exceed your client’s needs. 

A Brief Look at ClearView 

ClearView was born within the walls of a call center, a few clever developers in the IT department built a solution for analyzing call data and optimizing agent performance. What began as a homegrown tool has turned into a game-changing product for call centers all over the world. ClearView is proud to have customers with just ten seats, as well as Fortune 500 companies with thousands of employees. They began as a premise organization and then migrated to the cloud. ClearView has solutions that have been built for call centers by call centers, some of their highlights include:  

  • Unlimited Data Aggregation – Clearview consolidates data into a simple, but highly effective and visibly system. They aggregate multiple data sources in order to provide minute-by-minute visibility on the progress of each employee. With access to QA, customer service, surveys, a time clock, data and more, you have all of the workforce optimization tools you need in one website. Instead of taking countless hours to collect data from each source for each employee every single day, it provides reports in real-time.  
  • Real-Time Access – Clearview provides the ability to analyze data in real-time, displayed in a meaningful and customizable way. With all the information you need available to you in real-time, problems can be avoided. Delayed access can blind a company. If a problem can be foreseen, it will be made right before it even phases the company, thereby preserving countless hours and resources that would otherwise be used correcting what was unknown. Find solutions to problems before they cause damage. Don’t let delayed access hurt when it can be avoided. 
  • Enterprise Visibility – Clearview offers more visibility than other systems. Without 100% visibility, call center productivity can become crippled over time. By providing each and every level of your organization the information and distinct data sets they need, you are leading the way towards better performance. Unlike most other systems, Clearview provides visibility down to each individual agent, empowering your organization with visibility and giving employees necessary access to the information that is vital to better performance. 

So, what else does ClearView offer? 

  • Performance Dashboards 
  • Quality Monitoring  
  • Gamification  
  • Coaching  
  • Wall Boards 

To learn more about Clearview visit