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The November 5th Telarus Tuesday call welcomed CloudGenix’s presales director west US, Yash Bajpai, to discuss CloudGenix’s Application-defined SD-WAN offering and the customers’ benefits of their application fabric. The entire recording is available here.

The Revolutionary Approach to WAN

CloudGenix was founded by a group of seasoned innovators with extensive careers building some of the most widely used networking products ever made. Their mission is to provide the world with the ability to build and manage their WAN the way it should have been done in the first place. The old way of doing WAN involved customers who had data centers where the applications lived; this meant agents were selling these customers connectivity along with routers. What you find now is that the number of people who use conventional PCs is declining. If applications are moving to the cloud, why should we use the same old way of connecting users and remote offices to where the application lives? CloudGenix AppFabric gives you the freedom to incorporate any type of WAN into your branch office, including MPLS, broadband, internet, and cellular, allowing you to make connectivity decisions based on the price and performance demanded by each branch office and each application.


AppFabric is build using top-down policies that map applications, sites, and WAN links to requirements for performance, security, and compliance. When it comes to CloudGenix, there is no need for complicated routing protocols or lengthy router configs. CloudGenix makes everything very simple for its customers so that they can focus on the business priority.

How does CloudGenix differentiate? CloudGenix is completely agnostic, not just to the transport but to the carrier as well. Most carriers will monitor circuit latency and circuit loss in circuit jitter; they will look at WAN network metrics and will base the best path on this. CloudGenix also does this, but the big difference is that they are also looking at all the application stats, round-trip time for the application sessions, and server response time. CloudGenix has changed the unit of operation from packets to sessions, and from networking to applications. They are application-defined, not only can they tell you what the customer is using, they can tell you how the application is behaving and why a certain app should pick a specific path.

So, why CloudGenix?

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