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Add Professional Content to Your Website Instantly with Our Ceros Webpages

Telarus creates webpages that you can copy and paste onto your own website using partner platform called Ceros. Getting Ceros content on your website is an extremely straightforward process. Here’s how:

  1. Look further down on this page and preview the available webpages. If you wish to request code for any that you like, you may request them by emailing
  2. After submitting your request for any of the available webpages, you will receive a confirmation email with new instructions.
  3. It will be as easy as highlighting code, copying it, and pasting it into your website. You will first need to make sure you can login and edit your website Admin CMS.

If our team ever makes an update to any of the Ceros webpages, it will automatically update on your website without you having to do anything. Cool, right!

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