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Telarus Loyalty Program

Leverage Your Sales Success for Greater Marketing Reach

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Telarus rewards you for placing your business with us. The Telarus Loyalty Program is a sales incentive program that assists you in your marketing and business expansion efforts by rewarding you with points for achieving sales milestones. These points are earned above and beyond your sales commissions and can be redeemed for marketing content and cash for marketing services.

Marketing resources and services available to you

  • Turnkey marketing content
  • Website content and audit
  • Social media platform assistance
  • Custom marketing videos
  • Lead development
  • Custom promotional gifts

How it works


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  • Achieve performance qualifications
  • Earn points starting at $25,000 new MRR
  • Rise through four advancing reward tiers
  • Earn points for new sales deals
  • Points accrue in addition to commissions
  • The more you sell, the greater the rewards
  • Redeem points for turnkey marketing content
  • Convert points to cash for marketing services
  • Use points to reduce event expenses

Let's get started

Website Content

Telarus creates stunning webpages that feel like animated and interactive scrolling infographics that you can add to your website today! As long as you have access to add HTML embed codes to your existing website, then this is a great way to beef up your website with compelling marketing content for various technologies and offerings.

Marketing Flyers

Telarus provides partners marketing flyers to use as leave-behinds, emails, and website graphics. Want them personalized with your own logo and contact info? Contact for downloadable files that you can customize on your own!

Marketing Service Providers

Convert your loyalty points for cash that can be used for channel-focused marketing and event management service providers. Grow your channel visibility, create websites that attract your target audiences, and build a lead generation machine.

Program Benefits

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Accelerate your reward potential as you grow

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Access world class, turnkey marketing resources

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Maximize your leads using marketing agencies

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