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Rise Broadband


Rise Broadband’s Dedicated Internet Access offers reliable, scalable and cost-effective solutions architected and designed for mission-critical Enterprise applications, including voice, video and cloud with installations taking a fraction of the time of wireline solutions. Rise’s Internet offerings are symmetrical in nature, built on enterprise-grade equipment and design, enabling high quality of service to support VoIP (either SIP or cloud PBX) and other delay-sensitive applications.


The SMB offering specifically varies on speed depending on the tower being served and it is the best fit for small businesses who have around one to ten employees. Customers who have multi-location franchises are a prime fit for this solution. Rise has found that partners are gravitating towards this offering for SD-WAN because it is a truly redundant connection as opposed to the traditional landline connections.


Their dedicated enterprise product is a symmetrical connection, it supports any sort of application that a customer may need varying from voice to video and can be installed in a quicker and much more cost effective manner than a fiber build-out. Many partners are now engaging Rise when they have an opportunity for a customer who needs a fiber connection but can’t get it because of the logistics of the build, the cost or how long a build would take. Rise can typically turn up their dedicated internet connections within 30 to 60 days.


Rise Broadband’s Cloud PBX solution has you covered all the way from the handset to the cloud,using the industry-leading Broadworks platform. Every seat incorporates a Hosted VoIP line and the latest Polycom IP phone with advanced calling features. Installation, training and management are also included. Three packages are available.


A cost-effective and convenient combination of some of our most popular features. This package is designed for use in a lobby,break room, cafeteria, or shop area that is not assigned to a specific user.


This package, with a more robust set of features, is designed for general business personnel who don’t require advanced features.


This bundle is designed for professional employees needing more advanced capabilities. It includes more cutting-edge IP phone features and a premium phone.


Rise’s current network density is highest in Utah,Texas, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa and Colorado, however there are additional states they offer service in. They best serve customers who are underserved by the LEC or cable providers in rural markets and also have a large presence in the urban metro markets as well.

Rise Broadband footprint