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Nuvestack DaaS has unmatched speed, over-the-top security, and simplicity.

  • You do not have to be the expert:  You set up the deal, Nuvestack helps you close and handle the details (including tech support), then get paid for the life of the customer.
  • Customer retention: With a low-cost, monthly subscription model with no hidden fees, high security, fast speeds, and a user-friendly platform, they won’t want to leave.
  • Nuvestack never competes with partners: Selling Nuvestack DaaS enables you to upsell other products like storage, BDR, MPLS, voice, etc. Nuvestack only sells DaaS.
  • No direct sales force, no channel conflicts: You won’t face channel conflicts because Nuvestack is 100% channel focused.

  • Choice of business model: Have a white label business model? Nuvestack can support you, too.
  • Easy BYOD (bring your own device): Nuvestack DaaS provides a simple, elegant, secure solution for your customers, allowing them to bring employee iPhones, iPads, tablets, Android and other devices onto their corporate network.
  • Built-in confidence: Your customer will have the best hosted desktop available – built 100% on Microsoft’s platform for total peace-of-mind. Nuvestack DaaS gives your customers the fastest, most secure Desktop-as-a-Service anywhere with included tech support
  • DaaS is ready for enterprise: In the past, complexity and high cost have kept DaaS from going mainstream. These barriers no longer exist by having the best DaaS available to your customers for a simple, all-inclusive, monthly fee.