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Natural Wireless


For over a decade, Natural Wireless has been providing fast and reliable high speed Internet access to businesses and enterprise customers, residential complexes, hotels, medical centers, commercial buildings, construction sites, temporary events, event venues, and all businesses that depend on the reliability and performance of their Internet connection. Since Natural Wireless owns and operates its network, customers are assured a highly reliable connection with outstanding performance and uptime.


  • High-availability with a redundant network design
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) – guarantees speed, reliability and low latency
  • Symmetrical scalable broadband from 5/5Mbps to 1/1Gbps
  • Installed within five (5) business days
  • Ultra-Low Latency Guaranteed


Natural Wireless comparison chart


Natural Wireless’s dedicated Internet service far exceeds Cable and DSL both in reliability and network performance. I highly recommend Natural Wireless they have continuously met and exceeded my expectations. The folks at Natural Wireless did a glorious job on technical support.

by Charles – Senior Vice President of Systems, Networks and Security, Thaumaturgix

Natural Wireless continually provides awesome support from start to finish. We recommend Natural Wireless for business broadband Internet because of their stellar reliability, performance, and support when needed.

by Ben – V3 Communications

Natural Wireless gives me the competitive edge in high speed Internet access. My staff and guests are extremely happy with the service.”

by Ravi – Owner, Best Western – Newark Airport

We were faced with a very challenging situation: to get very reliable, high up- & download speed for a live-stream event in the middle of a busy street in New York City. Natural Wireless provided a great solution: their wireless internet through a point to point connection was a perfect fit for our event. Thanks to Natural Wireless we had a memorable day with a lot of smiling faces.

by Ilja – TV & Documentary Film Maker


Case Study 1:

A partner contacted Natural Wireless about one of their clients who 90 days ago, ordered 300Mbps fiber to their new office.  They were promised that the fiber would be ready within 60 days.  The company is moving to the new office next week and the fiber is not deployed yet.

Natural Wireless sent engineers to the building the same day paperwork was signed, to plan the installation.  The engineers designed the connection to the building with multiple paths to guarantee the best reliability and network performance.  The dedicated Internet connection was fully installed and operational after 4 business days, just before the company moved to the new office. The partner and client were thankful and beyond satisfied by the professional manner and communication during the entire process.

Case Study 2:

A partner contacted Natural Wireless about a customer, with 100 employees, that migrated to a cloud based storage and hosted email and VoIP services.  In the weeks since they made the change, their productivity was significantly reduced when employees had to deal with slow inconsistent Internet access to the cloud and multiple disconnections. The company used a shared and best effort Internet connection.

Natural Wireless installed a dedicated Internet connection with service level agreement that guarantees the speed and reliability.  Since the installation, customer’s employees benefited from the solid connection to the cloud and all their hosted services.

The customer initially ordered 140 / 140Mbps connection from Natural Wireless and ultimately upgraded the connection to 240 / 240Mbps.