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G12 Hosted PBX Service

A fully hosted business phone system delivered in the cloud.  Hosted PBX service is accessed via any IP connection utilizing phone handsets, PC softphones, or a mobile device

G12 SIP Trunking Service

Virtual two-way concurrent call sessions supporting inbound and outbound local, domestic, toll-free and international calling.  The service is a trunk replacement for traditional phone lines or PRIs. The service is accessed via any public IP connection (via the Cloud) and is certified interoperable with all major PBX’s.

G12’s Competitive Strengths/Advantages

  • Individual Customized Configurations – Each system is designed to support customers unified voice communications requirements.  Customized Design, build, manage, maintain, and upgrade
  • Responsive Knowledgeable Support – Immediate response and quick resolution from a certified and trained technician familiar with customers specific network configuration and design
  • Extensive Telecom Networking and Services Knowledge – The team built and managed one of the nation’s largest wholesale voice over IP networks that supports a majority of the enterprise voice over IP services today.
  • Geo Designed Network with Optimized Connectivity – Device registration to Geo Redundant nodes for enhanced network reliability and uptime with optimized upstream IP connectivity for enhanced voice quality in the cloud.
  • Advanced Features Standard– All advanced features included.  User portal, admin portal, PC Softphones, Android, IOS, iPhone applications.
  • Install Ready Provisioning – Each system is built, tested and 100% plug and play ready.
  • System Monitoring and Voice Quality Management – Enhanced system monitoring capabilities to identify network and audio quality issues
  • SIP Trunking Certified – Certified and experienced working with all the major PBX systems for simplified turn-up and trunk management
  • SIP Redundancy – All trunks are built with carrier side Geo redundancy and routing to multiple customer connections if available
  • SIP Usage – Call sessions include unlimited domestic LD including Canada
  • Porting Ninjas –  Need numbers moved in a hurry, some impossible deadline for turn-up or you just want to get to revenue faster, G12 is your partner.



Replacement of old traditional business phone/PBX system

Eliminate physical equipment and consolidate services onto a single IP network

Customized designs, configurations and enhanced feature sets

Reduce or eliminate usage charges

Simplify system management including adds, moves, changes

On-going system support and management included in monthly recurring cost

System and telecom included with single provider

Mobile workforce with need for office mobility



Replace traditional PRIs or Analog lines

Reduce costs via optimized trunk utilization.

Consolidate call session capacity across multiple systems and markets

Consolidate services onto a single IP network

Quickly scale services in single concurrent call session increments vs. 23 channel PRIs

Point and click capacity management

Enhanced redundancy with ability to route to multiple nodes and connections


G12 Hosted PBX service continues to amaze us, features, web portal control are what we needed.  Add to that the level of support we receive and friendly approach continues to confirm we made a solid choice in choosing G12 Communications for our 5 offices and 200+ employees.

We made the decision to switch from an on-premise telephone solution to a fully hosted solution 2 years ago. I reached out to 4 IT vendors/resellers looking for a Hosted VOIP vender. The results varied but the only vendor on all 4 lists was G12. Doing our research we learned that while G12 was relatively new to the area, they were not new to the telecom industry. Prior to starting G12, they successfully built and provided the infrastructure to Hosted VOIP companies that provide service nationwide.

G12 is constantly improving their system and adding features with little or no extra cost to the client. The attorneys I support now have the flexibility to have their desk phone “follow” them wherever work should take them and the ability control that process from a web portal.  I enjoy our partnership with G12 because it has all the services you would expect from a large faceless corporation while maintaining a first-name basis relationship with all the team members on my account. When an issue comes up, I have access to the problem-solver, not a tier one note taker. Issues are solved in a timely manner.”