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Flexential assets span 41 data centers with a total footprint of 3 million square feet, 10,000 cross connects and 95 megawatts of power capacity across 21 domestic and international markets. Their team of 1,000 develops tailored, value-added and reliable solutions to help 4,200 customers in more than 31 industries stay ahead of growth and improve performance.


    • Remote Hands– ViaWest Remote Hands gives you access to skilled engineers who are prepared to help you tackle any difficulty on-site. Remote Hands is available in two levels, based upon the complexity of the work being performed. The Tier 1 Remote Hands service offers basic phone assistance and verbal confirmations by ViaWest NOC staff members, while Tier 2 services include both general assistance and project-based work for operating system support, software installations, connectivity issues, and troubleshooting.
    • Power Delivery and Backup– ViaWest is experts in high density power configurations, offering an average of 200 watts per square foot and more. They invest in the latest power equipment and offer fully redundant power systems to ensure your applications and equipment will always be available. Choices include: 120 volt power, 208 volt power, three phase power, and DC power in many locations.
    • Cooling and Environmental Controls– Their centers feature energy efficient cooling in an N+1 configuration. You’ll have access to anti-static raised flooring with designated cable runs, cooled air delivery, hot aisle / cold aisle configurations, and waterside economizers, allowing for free cooling.
    • Fire and Environmental Controls– Their centers include certified data center smoke detection systems, certified incipient smoke detection, dual-interlock pre-action dry pipe sprinkler systems, and clean agent fire extinguishers placed throughout facilities.
    • Network Operations Centers– Their thirteen geographically diverse and mirrored Network Operations Centers (NOCs) are staffed 24x7x365 by experienced engineers. They monitor local infrastructure, local and regional network connectivity, telecommunication circuits, routers, switches, servers, and customer infrastructure.
    • Physical Security– Dual authentication is a minimum requirement to access their facilities. Centers feature digital security cameras, closed circuit television, and intercom systems, while power delivery, cooling, generator and diesel fuel infrastructure are maintained in secured areas.
    • Compliance– From PCI, SSAE, HIPAA & European Safe Harbor Framework to FISMA, FERPA and many others, ViaWest fully supports customers with an internal team dedicated to assisting its customers in achieving their regulatory, audit, and compliance requirements.
    • Carrier Access– They provide carrier neutral access to over 27 unique network providers with a wide range of connectivity and routing options that eliminate single points of failure.


Incorporating leading-edge technologies and industry best practices, cloud solutions can be tailored to customers’ specifications for availability, scalability, performance and growth. They include:

  • Enterprise Cloud, our highly flexible public cloud model
  • Private Cloud, available in virtual or dedicated service models
  • Recovery Cloud, a Disaster Recovery as a Service (DraaS) solution that ensures rapid recovery of mission-critical applications and data.
  • HIPAA-compliant Cloud, a secure cloud environment structured to ease the burden on customers seeking HIPAA/HITECH compliance
  • PCI-Compliant Cloud, a secure cloud environment structured to help customers achieve PCI Data Security Standard compliance

IT Infrastructure

From managed colocation to burstable bandwidth, Flexential IT infrastructure solutions are designed to help maximize customers’ existing technology investments and meet current and future technology needs.

Managed Services

Flexential offers a full range of managed services that allow customers to access advanced IT capabilities while helping to free up their own resources for more strategic endeavors within their companies. Managed services include application management, managed security, data services, disaster recovery and management and monitoring.