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Comm-Core is a facilities-based network operator providing IP services, enhanced hosted applications as well as managed Information Technology services. The reach of their network expands almost daily, meeting the ever-evolving technology and communication demands. With nation-wide coverage, Comm-Core delivers reliable, high-quality, and competitively priced communication services for businesses including Hosted IP PBX, Hosted Surveillance, SIP trunking, Fax over IP and much more. They are known for providing the most cost-effective, innovative communications platforms and technologies to keep partners and clients ahead of the communication curve. Comm-Core has two locations, headquartered in Lima, Ohio and the Network Operations Center / Comm-Core Building in Maumee, Ohio. The company was founded in 1962 and still remains privately held.


  • Hosted, Hybrid and Premise Based IP PBX Solutions
  • Hosted, Hybrid and Premise Based Video Surveillance Solutions
  • SIP Trunking, Mobility Solutions and Cloud Firewall
  • Data and Internet Services including DIA, Switched Ethernet, Fiber, DSL, MPLS, VPN and more.
  • MSP Related Services including Anti-Virus, Backup, Cloud Storage, Hosted Exchange and more.
  • Other Services  like E-Rate, Call Reporting, Enhanced 911 Paging Systems, Call Recoding and more.


  • Sell For More |  Comm-Core empowers you by setting the final price. If you want to mark it up and add additional margin, go for it!
  • Bill Aggregation and Consolidation |  Get aggregate billing and consolidate services making it simple and efficient for your clients. One Bill, One Provider, One Support Contact.
  • No Longer 1:1 Ratios | Comm-Core’s approach to Hosted PBX enables you to compete with anybody. Their simple 3 step system enables you to quote and compete within 2 minutes. Select the number of concurrent call paths, determine the total number of endpoints and select your bundle feature set and you’re ready to go. Not one size fits all and they know that!
  • Support Desk Services | When you call the Comm-Core support center, you can expect to be speaking with somebody in less that 6 seconds on average. Get quick responses and proactive support.