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Broad Sky Networks now offers Spectrum WiMAX, a fixed wireless solution in 60+ markets. Their Spectrum WiMAX bypasses the local telco, so installation can happen in days, it is easy to deploy and scale and offers bandwidth from 2Mbs to 1000Mbs for a fraction of the price. Our WiMAX guarantees 100% uptime, managed services as well as Point to Point offerings.

  • Major Metropolitan Areas
  • Primary or Redundancy
  • Provides SLAs
  • Large Bandwidth, 2Mb – GigE speeds
  • Great for fluctuating bandwidth needs
  • Point to Point services

Broad Sky now offers their Spectrum 3G Fixed Wireless service, covering 90% of the United States population. Broad Sky’s 4G covers 38 markets coast to coast. Spectrum 3G/4G service is a great alternative to DSL, they use all 3 major carriers, offer innovative equipment bundles and flexible pricing options. Broad Sky also offer a fully managed 3G service perfect for retailers, banking, M2M, etc. with Mobility options as well.

  • Primary, Redundancy, Mobile or Temporary
  • Average 3G speeds of 1.5K x 384K
  • Average 4G speeds of 5M-12M down 2M-5M up
  • Flexible Equipment Plans and Service Plans
  • Layer 3 or Layer 2 options
  • Plans range from 50Mb to 10Gb, pooling plans also available
  • Self Installs, ships in days

Broad Sky offers a large range of satellite broadband solutions accommodating tele-workers to large private networks. Broad Sky is unique, they offer broadband internet from six different satellite providers all backed by industry leading Service Level Agreements. Broad Sky’s satellite supports internet access, IPSec VPN traffic, POS, VoIP and Video applications. They are experts at securely linking locations anywhere in North America, South America, Alaska and the Caribbean.

  • Primary or Redundancy
  • Speeds from 500K x 128K up to 8M x 2M
  • Private Network available for primary or redundancy
  • Coverage as long as clear line of site to Southern horizon
  • Disaster recovery plans available

Optical Wireless
Broad Sky now offers an Optical Wireless Point to Point or Point to Multi-Point solution, iBeam providing a high bandwidth solution at a fraction of the cost of Fiber or Microwave. This solution installs quickly with no trenching or construction and provides 100M to 1Gb connectivity. This is idea for campus environments, healthcare and municipalities.

  • Connectivity from 100M to 1Gb soon to go to 2.5Gb
  • 1/10th the cost of Fiber
  • Point to Point, Point to Multi-Point and Mesh configurations
  • Installs quickly