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What is SIP Trunking?

What you need to know.

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol.  As customers migrate to IP PBX technologies, SIP Trunking is a great scalable solution for your businesses allowing you to take full advantage of the flexibility that IP based communication brings to the table .  It is the most commonly used protocol for VoIP and has become the standard for IP based trunking solutions.  SIP is much more scalable than the traditional methods of voice communications.  Starting at a single trunk or call path scaling up to tens of thousands SIP allows you to correctly size your trunking needs.  SIP allows you to build the redundancy that a network based solution is designed for allowing tremendous flexibility.

  • SIP is used as the language your IP PBX and Carriers Network speak pass calls between each other.
  • Can be used to for audio and video conferencing
  • SIP uses a text-based protocol so it is easy to debug, but carries with it many useful features that compliment the power of an IP PBX.