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International Internet Access

International Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is stand-alone dedicated internet access not available in the United States of America. Currently, with the number of phones, tablets, and public computers available, everyone needs internet access.

As technology keeps improving the world is getting smaller. Dedicated internet access allows you to have a dedicated internet connection to the internet. This enhances the business experience internationally by creating business opportunities for everyone. A German company could have the same access to the internet or a cloud-based option as some in America.

Selling international Dedicated Internet Access to companies, not in the United States can be a challenge. Unlike our patented real-time quoting software, GeoQuote, most quotes for International DIA can take a couple of weeks for a response. Telarus has several carriers who work with international internet access. They can provide speeds anywhere from an E1, the European version of the T1, to a 1 gigabit or more. When our partners quote these services, it will work the same as if the quote were completed domestically.


  • Suppliers will need the name of the company, the address and phone number, as well as the bandwidth requirements and the term.
  • Telarus Suppliers will then reach out to the local providers and purchase the local loop. This can take quite some time and effort, as this is all dependent on the local carriers.
  • Different countries have different rules and regulations governing internet access.
  • There is a caveat here, international DIA requires equipment that our carriers cannot always provide.
  • The customer may have to provide their own equipment based on local standards.